La Ribera de Chapala, a must-see in Jalisco

Chapala lake


It is true that when we take one of the flights to Guadalajara the options to spend our days are enough, because this beautiful capital of Jalisco gives us a perfect point to come and go between its diverse populations that are ideal to get out of the routine or simply to rest. And less than an hour from Guadalajara, is the majestic Lake of Chapala, which is one of the largest in Mexico, in front of it we can travel the Ribera of Chapala, which is formed by a set of villages full of magic, so then we show you some of the things you can do in this paradise of the state of Jalisco.

The climate is ideal with medium and high temperatures most of the year, the vegetation is abundant and the kindness of the people is incomparable, in this way it is very common to find cars with license plates from Arizona, Mexico City, California or from Jalisco. Real estate companies that sell properties to foreigners abound in the streets and bilingual services are the order of the day.

Life in the streets is still a traditional Jalisco town, however, there are details that make it different from all the others, such as in shops and galleries, where it is common to find handmade crafts by locals, but also paintings and sculptures by some European artist.


Many things to do in the Ribera

One of the most important attractions of the Ribera de Chapala is the great variety of water sports and extreme that can be done there, so you shouldn´t miss the opportunity to practice water skiing. It has options for both beginners and professionals, including international tournaments in this category, in addition to instructors and specialized tracks for it.

Being in the Ribera of Chapala, don´t forget to visit the most important wixárica ceremonial center in Mexico, it is the Isla de los Alacranes, where according to Huichol beliefs, the origin of life was given. You can also visit the Presidio Island, known as Isla de Mezcala, and recognized by its Church of the Assumption.

Mezcala Island


The towns that you can´t miss


Don´t hesitate to visit the town of Ajilic, which is a place with a lot of color, its thatched roofs and walls with so many nuances house bars, restaurants and galleries with crafts of its people. You can also take a dip in the thermal waters of San Juan Cósala, achieving absolute relaxation in its spas.


Finally, if there is something you definitely shouldn´t miss from the Ribera of Chapala, it is from its very varied and delicious cuisine, you can taste a juicy birria in Jocotepec where they also sell delicious carafe ice creams, with unique flavors. On the other hand, if you want to buy wooden furniture of excellent quality, then don´t hesitate to visit Ocotlán where you will find truly artistic pieces of furniture.

Tequila Agave


Take advantage of the flights to Guadalajara and give yourself the pleasure of knowing these places, which together form one of the must-see places in Jalisco that must be visited with great care, since you could decide to stay to live there.