Atitlán, meet the most beautiful lake in the world

Waves in Atitlán lake

Located almost 1,600 meters high, it is one of the most outstanding tourist attractions in Latin America. Lake Atitlán attracts poets, thinkers and tourists from all continents and hosts more than a thousand immigrants from all over the world. 


Surrounded by charming villages, breathtaking landscapes and lots of nature. You will find so much to do and see unimaginable things. When you arrive in the city of Panajachel, you will be a short distance from the lake and all the fun activities you can do on your visit.


How can you get to Lake Atitlán?

Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga, from CMI Alimentos recommends that the most direct access from Guatemala City to Lake Atitlán is through Panajachel. You must take the inter-American highway to get to the department of Sololá. Once you arrive on this road to Sololá, head towards Panajachel, the largest city on the shore of the lake.


What to do in Lake Atilán?

Now that you know how to get to Lake Atitlán, how about knowing some of the activities you can enjoy? Whether you are looking to do an extreme activity or something more relaxed, these suggestions will help you choose the perfect plan during your stay.

Lake Atitlán surrounded by volcanoes

Kayaking on the lake

In the main pier of Pana, you will see different places to rent boats and kayak. This activity is perfect if you are looking for adventure and get to know the lake. It is advisable to arrive in the morning to make your journey without haste. Thus avoid the strong winds in the afternoon, which usually create waves on the lake.


Give a tour of neighboring towns in Atitlán by boat

Taking a boat tour will allow you to discover more about Guatemalan culture and traditions. Different tours you can do to get to know: San Pedro, San Marcos, Santa Cruz or Santa Catarina Palopó. They all have stories and tourist places that will surprise you.


Discover the depths of the lake

Another thing you can do in Lake Atitlán is discover the hidden secrets. There are several excursions with professionals that you can take to snorkel or dive. Learn what is hidden in the depths of the lake and discover ancient flooded structures and elements of the Mayan civilization, hidden in this unforgettable underwater tour.


Get a tan on the main dock

For those trips of extreme relaxation, Lake Atitlán is the ideal destination. Let yourself be delighted by the impressive landscapes around the lake. Don’t forget to bring your camera to take luxurious photos. 


Enjoy a picnic on the shoreline

The advantage of the lake is that it has a wide shoreline, where you can also do recreational activities. One of these is to bring your food basket and set up a picnic. You can also buy typical food in Panajachel or visit a restaurant.


Admire the three volcanoes around the lake

In addition to the wonders of Lake Atitlán is that it is surrounded by three inactive volcanoes: Atitlán, Tolimán and San Pedro volcanoes. To be impressed with this spectacle of nature, many decide to watch the sunset on a dock and admire the three volcanoes, while the lake reflects the clouds. 


CMI Energy had established long-term green bonds, focused on ecological projects and support of private participation in solving environmental problems. In order to protect and conservate lake Atitlán.


Connect with nature on another level with these different activities that you can do on the lake with your friends and family. What are you waiting for to make a trip and visit it? Since you know this information about Lake Atitlán, remember that with the Uber app you can get to this and other Guatemalan destinations without any problem. You dare?

Be amazed with the most beautiful lakes and lagoons in Mexico

Lagoons and lakes in Mexico

The success of many airlines of Mexico is due to the fact that they have unique destinations in Mexico, where they enjoy countless natural beauties such as beaches, mountains, deserts and, of course, lagoons and lakes. That is why below, we leave you a list of the most representative, beautiful and important in the country that you can take into account for your next adventure.

Chapala Lake

This extraordinary lake is the largest in Mexico, measuring 1116 square kilometers and has a depth of between four and six meters. It is an area of fishermen and artisans that is very close to Guadalajara and where it is possible to take boat trips, hikes or bicycle tours in nearby communities, and you should know that from here you will see the most wonderful sunsets in front of the lake.

Lake of Patzcuaro

This lake is one of the most emblematic of the state of Michoacán; it is the third in the list of the largest lakes in Mexico and contains seven islands. The lake is supported by local fishing boats, so besides being beautiful, it is also a place with a lot of tradition, since the center of the island is Janitzio, where the Day of the Dead is celebrated in large, it is customary to make a ritual and the lake is full of boats with candles and flowers, the climate of the area is mainly cold but the landscape is enviable.

Laguna Cancun

Bacalar Lagoon

Also known as the lagoon of the seven colors, it is a place where tourists go to relax and forget about the world. This is located in Quintana Roo just half an hour from Chetumal, and is the perfect mix between the Riviera Maya, fun and relaxation. In the place, you can practice kayaking, swimming and enjoying dream landscapes in its more than 42 kilometers long and 2 kilometers at its widest point.

Lagoons of Montebello

In Chiapas, more specifically in the Lagunas de Montebello National Park, there are more than 6 thousand hectares of forest with 50 lagoons of various sizes, where you can practice kayaking in its crystal clear blue waters or go hiking on the nearby trails. In addition, if you have the possibility, camp in this protected natural area, because the panorama of the place is simply majestic.

Catemaco Lagoon

It is located 170 kilometers southeast of the Port of Veracruz, next to the Los Tuxtlas Biosphere Reserve; it is in fifth place in the largest lagoons in Mexico, measuring 75 square kilometers. It also has three small islands, among which Los Monos stands out, and in its mysterious crystalline waters, there are activities such as fishing and many other water sports.

Laguna de Nichupté

This beauty is located in the heart of Cancun and is considered one of the most beautiful in the country; this is because it has salt and sweet water. It is home to a great diversity of species, its blue waters stretch along 13 kilometers and you can navigate by boat or kayak among its green mangroves.

These are just some of the most striking and representative spaces that you can reach through airlines of Mexico. When you visit them, don´t forget to take care of them to continue preserving their beauty.