Monterrey brings you closer to the adventure


Monterrey is surrounded by great sierras of great importance, which serve as inspiration for adventurers and fans of extreme sports such as climbing, rappelling, caving, canyoning, hiking, mountain biking, zip lines and many more. However, the best thing about all this is that any of the flights to Monterrey will give you access so you can practice all these sports.

The via ferrata in the Sierra de la Huasteca

This place gives you the possibility of climbing and rappel; it is a highly recommended adventure for those who have no previous experience. It is only 20 minutes from downtown Monterrey and is the only one in Mexico; the whole route lasts 7 hours and is extremely fun. You will climb the highest rocky peaks of the Huasteca Ecological Park, rising to 700 meters in height, on this tour you will conquer Pico Independencia. The second section consists of a challenging climb to one of the most coveted summits by the mountaineers of Mexico “El Pico 15”, this section also contains two impressive zip lines with a length over 200 meters, which will let you continue the journey.

The Chipinque Ecological Park in Monterrey

chipinque park monterrey

An ideal place for the whole family due to its proximity to the urban area of Monterrey and for its good services in all its protected natural area. The place is perfect for mountain biking and has 36 km of beautiful trails that give wonderful views, but as far as mountaineering is concerned activities such as climbing, rappelling and hiking are highly recommended in this park. Although the excursions or camps that are organized in summer are also ideal for young people and children. The place has a beautiful astronomical observatory that you can visit, a small museum that will approach you in a very didactic way to the species of flora and fauna of the area, an aviary and a butterfly garden perfect for spending days in the country with the family.


Undoubtedly, this is one of the most spectacular canyons in Mexico, with unique scenarios, which are formed by the passage of water through the bed of their rivers, carving the rock in unique ways. The place has deep, mysterious and incredible caves, great jumps to pits of clear and deep water, imposing waterfalls to descend to rappel and long natural slides of polished rock to slide in them, so undoubtedly visit the place will be an experience unforgettable. Try as an adventurer in the descent in river canyon, where you can make two impressive rappels next to majestic waterfalls, make countless jumps in the water in which you will discharge all your adrenaline falling of up to 12 meters in beautiful turquoise blue lagoons. In addition, when you think that there couldn´t be something that exceeds what you are living, you will enter the underground part of the rivers to cross in complete darkness their fabulous caverns.

In summary, flights to Monterrey take you to one of the best places to get close to extreme sports and adventure tourism, regardless of age or experience, so don´t hesitate and come to live the adventure.

Monterrey, one of the best cities to visit

Old Town Monterrey

Monterrey is a modern city that retains its traditional features and has a lot of attractions that show those two facets, such as its historic museums or skyscrapers that make us see why the city is considered a business city. However, beyond being a city where you work hard, any of the flights to Monterrey Mexico allow us to know an iconic city that has many places to spend some exciting days.

Museums of great importance

* Museum of the Government Palace: It is located in the Santa Lucia Canal complex and was inaugurated in 2006 in a restored centenary building: Here you can learn some of the most important political, economic and social events in the history of Nuevo León.

* Museum of Mexican History: Although the design of its headquarters is avant-garde, this institution offers an exhibition about the history of Mexico from pre-Hispanic times to modernity. One of its spaces is dedicated to biodiversity and the geological aspects of Nuevo Leon and Mexico.

* Museum of the Northeast: It was another of the buildings conditioned during the modernization and restoration of the central helmet of Monterrey, and exhibits historical pieces of the territory. Currently occupied by Nuevo León, Tamaulipas, Coahuila and part of the US state of Texas.

Monterrey Pabellon Towers

The towers that will allow you to see the whole city

* Pabellón Monterrey Tower: It rises 214 meters, being the tallest tower in Monterrey and northern Mexico. In several points of its 50 floors, there are terraces to admire the city and its surroundings; it also has a hotel, convention center for 3800 people, brand stores, restaurants and other facilities.

* Ciudadana Tower: It has 180 meters, located in the Fundidora Park and is the second tower in Monterrey; it can be admired in all its majesty from the Santa Lucia Canal. The government owns it and most of its 36 floors are occupied by state government offices.

Ciudadana Tower

Places totally filled with history of the city

* Old Quarter: This is a place where when walking through its cobbled streets, you can admire beautiful colonial houses of the time in which the territory had the condition of a kingdom in the New World under the command of Spain.

* Metropolitan Cathedral of Monterrey: It is a beautiful eighteenth-century building that combines a baroque facade with the neoclassical style. In its architecture are distinguished a three-body tower, an octagonal dome and a central nave in which the chapels of its sides stand out, the chapel of the tabernacle is the most particular due to its silver front.

Old Town Monterrey

Go out and enjoy the delicious regional cuisine

The cuisine of Monterrey boasts dishes such as cabrito al pastor, machaca, arrachera, cuajitos and beans with poison, so called because they carry two types of chili peppers that make them truly powerful. The capital has a wide variety of places where you can enjoy the exquisite regional cuisine.
Give an opportunity to this magnificent city of continuous advance, take some of the flights to Monterrey Mexico and discover why it is one of the best cities to visit.

Let the adrenaline flow in Monterrey

City of Monterrey at nightA view of Cerro de la silla in Monterrey

If you like nature and ecotourism, here is the list of the main things to do in Monterrey and its surroundings, perfect for a weekend getaway or to make the most of it when you take one of the flights to Monterrey. If you are visiting the city for business, you should know that the Regia capital is not just a destination for work, and will surprise you with the number of sites to discover, perfect for an adventure with the practice of canyoning, rappel, kayak, flight in zip line, paragliding and even hot air balloon in the surroundings of this city.


Challenge the mountains of Santiago by bicycle

Dare to live an adventure on mountain biking through paths that reach the monumental Cola de Caballo waterfall, travel the mountain roads of Nuevo León discovering the abundant nature found in these. You should know that there are two routes, the first also knowing the waterfall of the Miraculous Virgin and the second visiting El Socavón, the cave of the Indian and the eye of water of the Leona.


The highest bungee jump in Mexico

With a height of 70 meters, the Cola de Caballo bungee is the highest in Mexico and has become one of the things to do in Monterrey to release adrenaline to the fullest. It is located in the Sierra de Santiago, in Nuevo Leon, just half an hour from the capital, sheltered inside the Hotel Hacienda Cola de Caballo.

Bungee in Monterrey
Jumping man at Bungee in Cola de caballo Hotel


Fly in a balloon over the northern skies

Fly over the surroundings of Monterrey in a hot air balloon and see that nothing matches the intense color of the northern skies. Witness the wonderful sunrise in Montemorelos, just 45 minutes from the Regia capital and fly with whomever you want, either as a group or with your mate. All flights include a bottle of sparkling wine per balloon and medical insurance.


Explore the caves, a unique activity of its kind

In the surroundings of Monterrey there are, at least, a couple of good options where to put into practice our explorer gifts, first there is the most famous, Grottos de Garcia, with its 16 rock formation rooms with more than 60 million years. Later, we found the El Palmito Grottos in Bustamante, renowned for their endless wells and caverns, these places have been adapted with tourist walkways that allow you to explore its interior in complete safety.

Grottos in Bustamante Monterrey
Rock formation in bustamante monterrey


Realizes canyoning in Matacanes

In the Matacanes Canyon, it is one of the most visited natural refuges by regios and foreigners, with multiple challenges for canyon lovers, such as challenging waterfalls of between 1 and 12 meters. In addition, there are descents to rappel next to exciting waterfalls of 27 and 18 meters. The second descent leads to an underground river, where the current connects with a natural slide hidden in the dark, a bit of climbing and of course, hiking. They are also activities that are part of this journey.

If you have time to give a sword to any of these places, take the opportunity to meet these challenging sites that will give all flights to Monterrey a touch of adrenaline unique in its kind, it’s time to live the adventure to the fullest.