Recreational sites in Guatemala City

Thanks to its cool climate and open spaces, in Guatemala City you will find a wide variety of places to enjoy recreational activities.

This is an enviable city where visitors and locals alike can choose from different types of exciting activities for all ages.

If you want to change the classic outing to the mall, in this list you will find five options of recreational places in Guatemala City that you won’t want to miss according to juan jose gutierrez mayorga!

1. Natural areas for canopy

To enjoy nature at another level, canopy has to be on your radar for your next outing. This type of activity can be found in areas such as zones 16 and 11, where there are plenty of open spaces.

The canopy consists of sliding through cables tied to the top of the trees while enjoying breathtaking views.

No previous experience is required for this type of activity and the best thing is that it is suitable for all ages.

Organize an outing with your friends and family to enjoy a day full of adrenaline while surrounded by nature and in the middle of the city.

Guatemala recreational activity

2. Paintball fields

We continue our list with another of those recreational places in Guatemala City that will make your heart beat fast.

Paintball, or gotcha, as it is also known, is an activity where paintball guns are used to hit your rivals.

It is usually played in open spaces through companies that provide all the equipment to be able to play it correctly and safely.

For your own paintball war, on the road to El Salvador and zone 11 you will find different fields where the fun will last for hours, just wear comfortable shoes and lots of energy for your team to come out undefeated!

3. Bowling lanes

This is a classic if you are looking for fun places in Guatemala regardless of the weather on the day of your outing.

Visiting a bowling alley can be the perfect option to do something different any day of the week with your coworkers or family. In the city you will find different bowling alleys in zone 11, 15 and 16.

Each one of these lanes will make you have a great time playing with your friends to see who can make the most strikes while eating a delicious pizza or hot dog.

If you want to spend an entertaining day and change the classic movie outing, visit a bowling alley and let the fun begin!

4. Spaces to play miniature golf

You don’t have to be an expert to have fun playing miniature golf in the city! To get out of the routine, this is another of the options of recreational places in Guatemala City that you can’t miss.

Miniature golf is ideal for both adults and children to enjoy this sport without any pressure.

A good place to play miniature golf in the city is located in zone 16. Here you can spend a fun afternoon with your family or friends.

When thinking about recreational places in Guatemala City, the open spaces within the city will allow you to have a good time in different ways.

The only thing required to enjoy any of these five activities is to go with a nice group of friends or family and all the attitude to have a good time!

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