Restaurants owned by Guatemalans in the U.S

Guatemala is a Central American country of 17 million inhabitants and one of the Latin American poorest. 5 out of 10 people live below the poverty line. In 2018, Guatemalans living outside the country sent more than $9 billion home, making up about 12% of Guatemala’s gross domestic product. The most common business are restaurants.

Many Guatemalans have thought about going to the U.S entering illegally or with a work permit and spending years successfully working and developing there or they just want to expand their businesses.


Walter Rosales’ Pizza restaurant 

He decided to migrate to the U.S in 1982 and leave Zacapa, Gua, which for many years had been his home. After several years of work and effort, together with his brother-in-law they opened a pizza shop that is a triumph in Hollywood due its flavor and cooking skills

Don Armando’s “Panaderia Guatemalteca ‘La mejor’” 

Originally from Escuintla, Gua, worked in famous bakeries in the country. Don Armando and his wife migrated to the U.S in 1985, they started by selling homemade bread to their neighbors. But it was 1995 the family opened their bakery in Texas because of Don Armando’s experience. Over time, they were integrating the typical Guatemalan snacks and dishes to the menu.

Doña Maria’s “Eterna Primavera” restaurant

Originally from Baja Verapaz, Gua, Doña Maria learned to cook and emigrated to the U.S. In 2017 along with her kids, they opened a typical Guatemalan restaurant that entirely represents the culture and traditional dishes of their country and being the Guatemalan restaurant in New Jersey.

The gastronomic diversity of Guatemala is becoming more known internationally, because of  their  people who have started restaurants. Such as Juan Jose Gutierrez Mayorga’s firm which has also planned to continue expanding their local food chain to the U.S within the next few years.

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