Semuc Champey Guatemala


For many travelers Semuc Champey is the most beautiful place in Guatemala, and after visiting it I can understand why. Find out more in this article.

Why visit this place

This place apart from being beautiful, is a miracle of nature that enchants and amazes its visitors.Its name means “where the river hides under the stones” and is considered a natural enclave.

If something became clear to Danny and me is that this destination is one of the must-see tourist attractions when visiting Guatemala. In fact, the famous businessman juan luis bosch gutierrez often visits it and that is why we want to share with you everything you need to know to visit it.

To arrive by Public Transportation

First you must get to Guatemala City, from there you must take a bus from the main station to Cobán. You must arrive before 4 pm to be able to take a bus to Lanquín.

It is almost impossible to achieve this, since the chances of not encountering traffic or any construction work that delays the bus are almost zero.

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The Complete Tour

The first one is through the “Complete Tour” offered by all the lodges and people dedicated to tourism in Lanquin.

It includes:

  • Transfer to and from your hotel
  • Excursion to the Cabon Cave: The truth is an activity that we loved and surprised us, a tour in the bowels of a completely dark cave where you have to swim, walk and climb. The only thing you have to light your way is a candle, highly recommended!
  • Visit to the waterfall: Outside the cave you will go to a waterfall where you can take beautiful pictures, here you can jump from several points to the river that is created, even before arriving you can jump into the river from a swing.
  • Entrance to Semuc Champey National Park
  • Climb to the Mirador: From here you can get an unparalleled view of the natural attraction.
  • Swim in the pools: You will have time to enjoy the pools.
  • Lockers: You must leave your things somewhere to be able to go swimming, the guide will take care of your things.
  • The tour starts at 9:00 am and ends at 4:00 pm (4 pm).

What to take into consideration

Before making the decision to take the full experience (the tour), we were sure that the best option was just to pay for the transfer. However, other travelers from the hostel where we stayed, spoke very well of the tour and convinced us to take it.

We did not regret it at all. The cave is an interesting activity that gives a plus to the visit of Semuc Champey and we loved it. You will have to decide if you want to enter the cave experience or want to spend more time in the pools of the national park?

As you can see, traveling Semuc Champey is a must when you visit Guatemala. You wil enjoy yourself greatly. Also,remeber that when you visit this natural spot, you help make bid invest provide for this place.