Become an inhabitant of the place where you travel 

Sunset at Los Ángeles

It is almost certain that at some point of your trip it has passed through your mind to stay more days than you had planned, postpone a little more your airline flight and stay to enjoy the wonderful destination that never ceases to amaze you the more you know it. Going from being a tourist to one more inhabitant and doing it every day in this new place that you don´t want to say goodbye can be quite daring, considering that certain responsibilities should be set aside at home. That’s why here we let you some tips to leave everything ready before making a more lasting trip, precisely so that everything is without slopes and you can perfectly enjoy your adventure.

A decision taken

Before starting to organize this experience you should leave something clear and ask yourself if you really are convinced to make this trip, of course the answer is yes and for this step you are more than determined to live this kind of adventure, you must be completely committed to this and not postpone it anymore. With this we don´t mean that you only take your suitcase and launch yourself into the adventure, although it could be an option for later. It is time for you to start planning your trip considering the savings needed to be there, the place where you can maintain an accessible stay, the places where the food can be economical and other aspects that you will be reviewing more in detail while you are setting up your trip.

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A budget well thinking

Once decided, it is time to start investigating the way in which you will develop in the destination, think that if your trip is prolonged for a long time you will also need many resources. So fill yourself as much as possible with information regarding costs and establish a budget so you can have an approximate of the money you need to save for this experience. You could even consider working at the destination so that you have an extra inflow of money and don´t finish your resources so soon, who knows, it could be the beginning of something very good.

Positive Atitude

A prepared house

Leave your home ready for your absence, with this we are referring to free yourself of all the pending that your home may have, from the payments of services such as electricity, water, gas, telephone, internet, even the security. You probably have a family member or a friend of your trust, with whom you can leave your house in charge and try to keep you up to date on how you are and, in passing, that nobody suspects that it is alone.

A flexible itinerary

As we said before, planning is important, but we know that it is impossible to have everything under control and that includes putting every moment into our itinerary, so prepare yourself so that life will surprise you and thus be able to live this type of trip in a more flexible way than usual. It is good to organize some trips to know the most important places but it is also good to let each place surprise you and find a way to solve some challenges that you didn´t expect.

Planning itinerary on vacations

Therefore, if the round trip airline flights are left behind for you, take these tips and experience a new way of traveling, leaving everything ready so there is no pretext that can stop you and start a new life.