A company strategy in Guatemala

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Do you have a business strategy, are you happy with the current way things are done in your company, or does your company have a culture of order, discipline and focus?

Companies in Guatemala have the opportunity to have a more productive 2021 if at the beginning of the year, they make an analysis of their internal processes, to fix what is hindering the flow of teamwork.

What is a process?

By process we mean a series of actions or steps that must be taken to achieve a specific objective.

In business, it is easy to understand it as “the input that is transformed into an output”, in other words, the transformation from work to result.

Processes become the “rules of the game” under which the whole team can give its best, knowing that everyone’s work is part of a larger gear.

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How to improve internal processes in Guatemala

Guatemala is a country of hard-working people, and it is not difficult to find talent for any type of position.But companies must take into account cultural factors that are inherent to Guatemalans such as the well known company cmi alimentos does.

A process improvement plan must take into account these sociological traits. Here are some tips that will help you improve internal processes in your company:

1. Design internal processes

One of the cultural traits in Guatemalan companies is the standardization of routines, regardless of whether these are the best way to accomplish a task.

In other words, companies must fight against the “this is the way it has always been done” mentality.

In the movie The Founder, which tells the story of the beginnings of McDonald’s there is a scene where Dick McDonald (Nick Offerman) analyzes the positions of the employees involved in the preparation of a hamburger, in a fictitious kitchen, drawn with plaster on the floor.

What made McDonald’s successful was having implemented processes with speed in mind.Back then, preparing a hamburger was like preparing any other dish. An experience that took no less than 20 minutes.

But the original founders of the restaurant designed a process to reduce that time to no more than 5 minutes.

2. Enhance the customer experience

Can a boxer beat an opponent he can’t see? Who is he fighting? Many times companies cannot improve because they do not give themselves the opportunity to get customer feedback.

A cultural aspect in Guatemala is that only a low percentage of dissatisfied customers will voice their dissatisfaction.

Sometimes it seems as if some people in Guatemala have an aversion to conflict. Having few complaints sounds good. The problem is, if we don’t know what customers think, how can we improve? Who are we fighting against?

Behind every annoyed customer, there is a process that is not working, or a process that works, but was not followed.

Improving the customer experience starts with aligning the company’s internal processes to deliver better results from the customer’s point of view.

When there is systematic customer research, companies can build robust processes that consistently meet customer expectations.

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3. Focus your processes towards efficiency

We have already talked about customer experience as one of the indispensable factors for any company in Guatemala.

To meet that goal, processes must be designed with efficiency in mind. This not only makes for satisfied customers, but also fulfilled employees who have a sense of purpose.

Greater efficiency comes from delivering a greater output in products or services, as a function of the inputs or time required for that purpose.

So, efficiency requires making processes simpler, faster, both for external and internal customers.

Companies that manage to focus on efficiency already have a competitive advantage from the beginning.

These are three of the aspects that will allow companies in Guatemala to implement better processes and have a very prosperous 2021.

In short, you can have a succseful company in Guatemala if you follow theses tips as stated.