Mexico, a land of pyramids and storys about

Pyramids of Mexico

The pyramids, for a long time have been a mystery for researchers, who even today are still giving a lot of material to learn more and more about the cultures that developed around them. In Mexico there are quite a few pyramids that were built by great ancient cultures, so if you are a lover of all that involves touring this type of ancient places, you should start consulting the different Mexican airlines for the different available destinations so you can get to know the most important pyramids in Mexico.

Pyramid of the Fortune teller

This is a Mayan construction located in the ancient archaeological site of Uxmal, in the state of Yucatan, also known as the pyramid of the “sorcerer” or the “dwarf”. It was built in stone and in harmony with other buildings of the place, it is said that it was the work of a wizard dwarf who raised it to 35 meters high with a base of 54 meters in just one day, this character would have been born from an egg found by a witch in Uxmal.

Pyramid Fortune Teller, Uxmal

Temple of Kukulkan

This is another Mayan work also from the state of Yucatan, but in the remains of the pre-Hispanic city of Chichén Itzá. Its architectural characteristics are similar to that of the royal castles of the Europe of the Middle Ages, which is why it is believed to be the reason why the Spaniards called it “El Castillo” when it was found in the 15th century. The pre-Hispanic building of the twelfth century is 24 meters high from its base of 55 meters and reaches 30 meters if you count the tempo at its tip.

Kukulkan Pyramid, stairs

Temple of the Inscriptions

This is the highest pyramid and of greater historical relevance in the archaeological zone of Palenque, in the state of Chiapas, the construction of the “House of the Nine Sharp Lances” as it is also known, is attributed to the kingdom of culture Maya to praise the then village chief, Pakal “the Great.” Its construction also had as objective to protect its body when dying, its height from the base is of 22.8 meters and is constructed in stone painted of red, yellow and blue colors, in the highest where was the tomb of the corpse of Pakal.

Pyramid B of Tula

In the archaeological zone of Tula in the city of Hidalgo, you will find one of the most particular pyramids of Mexico because of the huge Atlanteans that guard its summit. Pyramid B of Tula is made up of 5 pyramidal formations, where there are pillars in the form of Toltec warriors known by Atlanteans. At the top are venerations to the God Quetzalcoatl, so it is believed that there was a temple at the top and the pyramid was used to worship one of the greatest pre-Hispanic gods.

Although some of these pyramids are more popular than others, the historical importance they have for the ancient Mesoamerican civilizations is the same, and these are just some of the many you can admire, so choose among the preferred Mexican airlines and know some of these iconic places.