Central America: vacation spots

If you like to go on vacation and visit beautiful places in the world: “Central America” is the place you need to visit.

Places of Central America


An island made up of two volcanoes, one that expels fumaroles and the other in whose chasm lies a lagoon.

Located in the largest lake in Central America that also has beautiful natural landscapes and a beautiful local flora and fauna, sounds pretty impressive right?

Ometepe Island is one of the most impressive places in Central America, you can find hostels from 5 USD a night


Full meals for 2 USD and if you want to explore the island you can take buses for less than 1 USD each way.

Rent a bike for 5 USD a day or a motorcycle for 20 USD a day. So with a budget of around 15 USD per day you can enjoy this incredible island.

ANTIGUA – Guatemala

The most beautiful and colorful colonial city in Central America is a destination that will captivate you from the first moment you walk through its cobblestone streets, contemplate the beauty of its historic buildings, ancient cathedrals, ruins from earthquakes, live its vibrant nightlife and be amazed by the imposing Hunahpú volcano, which gives an almost fantasy background to the city.

ANTIGUA - Guatemala

You can find lodging in this city from 5-6 USD, full meals or street food such as roast chicken from the famous Pollo Campero restaurant of Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga in the market square for about 2 USD or less and you can simply walk through its streets and find cultural plans at no cost, so you can spend a season in this beautiful city for about 15 USD per day.


With its intricately carved stelae, its almost perfectly preserved ball court, its ruins that merged over the years with nature .

And the beautiful macaws that can be admired around the archaeological complex, the ruins of Copan in Honduras, are a destination worth traveling to if you are in Central America.

Entrance to the archaeological site is relatively expensive, but it is worth the $15 USD to visit one of the most important cities of the Mayan civilization.


You can find lodging in the town of Copan Ruinas from 6 USD, full meals or delicious chimichangas, pupusas or baleadas for 2 USD or less and you can literally walk to the ruins from the town.

Apart from the entrance fee, with a budget of 15 USD per day, you can visit this must-see destination.

We know there are many more options of places in Central America to have a good time but we thought that for the moment you could start by visiting these places.

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List of places to visit in Guatemala

List of places to visit in Guatemala

f you are going on vacation and have no idea where to go, check out this list of places to visit in Guatemala.

Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga made a list of the places that a tourist from any part of the world has to visit while in his country.

Places to visit in Guatemala

Ak’ Tenamit

It is located in the town of Barra de Lámpara, in Lívingston, Izabal, among the tropical jungle.

It is part of the Rio Dulce National Park and the Sarstun River Special Protection Reserve.

Ak' Tenamit

Escobas Trail

It is located in the Manantiales Cerro San Gil Conservation Reserve, in the community of Las Escobas, seven kilometers from Puerto Barrios, Izabal.

There, the environment is totally green and peaceful, with abundant fauna – 407 species of birds have been recorded.

Not counting migratory birds – and up to 27 water sources that form waterfalls and streams.

There are trails, suspension bridges, a spa and a viewpoint overlooking the bay of Amatique.

Rural tourism

Nature lovers will want to stay in one of the options offered by the Red de Posadas Rurales, which is modeled after the Posadas de Francia.

And guarantees comfort and tranquility.

Its lodgings are in Huehuetenango, Quetzaltenango, Retalhuleu, Chimaltenango, Baja Verapaz and Alta Verapaz.

Rural tourism

Seven Altars

This paradise is located in the village of Quehueche, five kilometers from Lívingston,

Izabal.  It has beautiful waterfalls of crystal clear water.

Its name comes from its seven pools, similar to those of Semuc Champey, in Alta Verapaz.

Las Guacamayas Biological Station

It is located in Laguna del Tigre National Park, on the banks of the San Pedro River, in San Andres, Peten.

The 338,000 hectare area was established in 1995 as a research center, although it also opened its doors to ecotourism.

Las Guacamayas Biological Station

Among its attractions are the scarlet macaws, which nest in the cantemó trees.

Endemic to the wetlands, as well as 350 other species of birds.

Crocodiles, howler monkeys and spider monkeys can also be observed in the area.

Nearby are the archaeological sites of El Perú-Waká and the Jobontún caves.

In short, we are sure that when you visit these places you will not regret it because they are a great option to rest and have a good time.


Enjoy Mexico, Live Acapulco

Come and visit Acapulco

Acapulco, Guerrero is undoubtedly one of the most famous beach destinations in Mexico, nationally and internationally, so much that it can be visited at any of the airlines of Mexico at an affordable price and thus approach all the attractions that this beautiful place have.

Acapulco is a place that will catch you with its completely natural environment, its warm and soft sand, its crystalline and warm waters, a tropical climate that will make you fully enjoy the sun and above all, its people that will make you feel at home.

beaches of Acapulco

It is a place that people who love the sea will like, although it is not only sea, because it has interesting places and activities that satisfy all tastes and ages.

Enjoy the tireless sound of the sea while taking a long walk on the different beaches that Acapulco offers you, such as Tlacopanocha beach, Hornos beach or Condesa beach, and discover what these enigmatic paradises hide.

If yours are the most extreme activities, you can enjoy from a ride in a Banana or demonstrate your skills on a Jet Ski to jump and dominate the waves.

enjoy a banana ride

Also if you like the air and the sea you can enjoy a parachute ride to admire the entire bay, or you can enjoy other activities such as windsurfing, parasailing or on a sailboat, you can measure your strength against nature.

If you enjoy being more in the sand, you can spend a pleasant moment in a palapa or participate in the various soccer tournaments that are held, or even test your volleyball skills.

You can taste the cuisine offered by the site trying the different dishes with marine products that will undoubtedly give that special flavor to your visit, in addition to trying the refreshing drinks that will help you get in tune with the local climate.

Visitors to this wonderful destination have commented that eating at Los Buzos restaurant, Tony’s restaurant and Finca Acapulco, are a gourmet experience.

Restaurant La Finca in Acapulco

This enigmatic place never goes out, because at night, you can live one of its many charms that are the nightclubs and nightlife centers that will make you know the other side of the beaches and will give you the best Latin rhythms, with which you can dance in the moonlight and thus spend a night that seems endless.

Without a doubt you should stay in one of the hotels that will make you feel at home, with the best facilities, with all the comforts, and the best service that will make you fall in love with the place and above all, with its wonderful people.

The prices are fully accessible and you can adjust it to your pocket, among the most popular are the Hotel Las Brisas Acapulco, Emporio Acapulco hotel, Playa Suites Acapulco, among many more.

What do you expect to discover the enigmatic adventures that Acapulco hides for you? You can visit this international destination at any time of the year, at any of the airlines of Mexico, and best of all, it is only an hour from Mexico City, so there is no excuse for not knowing this paradise that this beautiful country offers.

With North flavor!

Monterrey in Mexico offers the best food for the meat lovers

Not all trips to places where there are no beaches are boring, and such is the case of a state where you won’t find boys in swimsuits and girls in bikinis, we know that because we have arrived on the flights to Monterrey Mexico.

This is due in this destination we can enjoy many more things and above all, rest from a daily hustle and bustle.

All new and old visitors receive us with a tasty welcome, because a very important attribute of Monterrey Nuevo León is its wide gastronomy that offers from the simplest dishes to the most elaborate.

Roasted meat in Monterrey, Mexico

Regiomontanos are identified by their famous roasted meats and their cuts of meat to delight at any time, although not everything is done in their homes, the regios also have plenty of places the perfect way to taste the most emblematic dishes, apart from meats.

As it is usually anywhere else, residents have their favorite places to delight even the most demanding palate and here we are going to tell you about some of them.

Regios first favorite is Krei, considered one of the best restaurants in San Pedro. It has a casual and refined atmosphere, while its dishes are top quality and the service they offer is excellent.

We recommend the menu of Mexican food, it is really interesting.

Restaurant Los Arcos, mexican and seafood

The second on the list is Los Arcos, its clean, familiar and colonial atmosphere offers an extensive menu of Mexican food and fresh seafood, it also has Spanish food among other delicacies.

In its facilities, you can find a playground in case you are in the company of the little ones; there they can enjoy movies, games and an origami workshop, while you enjoy your meal in peace.

Another fav of the locals is the taqueria and butcher shop La Mexicana, in that place they have a very good taste and is really economical, in addition to a pleasant atmosphere, and its offer an extensive menu of Mexican and Latin food.

Their specialty is the canasta tacos of different stews, ranging from traditional to more elaborate, combined with their traditional green habanero sauce; they will make you want to take home more.

Another good restaurant with a striking and beautiful facade is Me Muero de Hambre, where inside its color is magnificent, and on its walls, you will find different notes that will make you know more about the concept.

Restaurant Me Muero de Hambre

Its atmosphere is divided into four parts with different themes, menu and services, in which you can decide in which to have a better time, this beautiful place is considered one of the best in Monterrey and is located in the old neighborhood.

Finally, don´t miss a restaurant with a novel, bright and innovative concept, El Lingote, its fusion in the dishes of the Mexican northeast with the various dishes of the world, makes its menu something really complete.

You can find from a handmade pizza to a grill flank steak, special dish of the house and if that were not enough, while enjoying a beautiful evening you can also enjoy the incredible view that offers the entire beautiful city of Monterrey.

Now you know where to eat on your next city tour when you arrive on some flights to Monterrey Mexico, you can’t leave the place without having eaten their wonderful dishes and their meat so delicious that only they know how to prepare.

Enjoy Los Cabos with your children

Los cabos sunset view

Take any of the flights to Los Cabos with children is a very fun experience from the perspective of family tourism, this due to the large number of places and activities that this city has for each member of the family to feel in place ideal to rest. Undoubtedly, Los Cabos is perfect for those who are looking for a place that has various cultural, natural and historical treasures, but also different entertainment options for children. In addition, it has the advantage that the best hotels in Los Cabos are especially recommended for the total entertainment of children from 4 to 12 years, this due to its proximity to the safest and most beautiful beaches, thanks to these qualities can be known and take advantage completely and without risks, the different attractions of this fascinating place.

Kayak in Los Cabos Mexico

Los Cabos hotels have many activities

Parents who want to go out and have fun, can take advantage of the babysitting service offered by several prestigious hotels in Los Cabos, so they can visit places near the hotel not so suitable for children and spend a pleasant evening as a couple, knowing that the little ones are well cared for and entertained. Other hotels in Los Cabos have designed activity clubs so that the children of vacationers live in different activities that seek to educate about marine preservation and ecology so that in the future they will be the most responsible tourists, all this while parents can enjoy the Hotel facilities and relax a moment in the pool.

Los cabos, hotel view

Nothing like being surrounded by beautiful nature

In Los Cabos several attractions are offered for small travelers, for example, sightings and swimming with dolphins, boat trips through the waters of the Sea of Cortez, the practice of diving and snorkeling, the expeditions through the desert where cactus of enormous size grow and many more activities that let us know the rich biodiversity of this region of Mexico. All these recreational dynamics, besides being a source of great entertainment, favor family coexistence and strengthen the bond between parents and children creating memories that will last forever.

Los cabos, nature

The gastronomy of the place will leave a good taste in everyone’s mouth

On the other hand, parents of young children have in the gastronomic options of Los Cabos, a guarantee to satisfy the taste and needs of children, because it is a tourist destination of excellence worldwide, in Los Cabos you can taste dishes of the best international cuisine, as well as the most traditional Mexican specialties. Therefore, parents have a large menu of meal options to offer children as tasty and healthy foods.

Postal view of los cabos

All the above only confirms why the flights to Los Cabos are ideal for traveling with children and so let them enjoy such a beautiful and unique place where they will spend days of real family fun, while at the same time they learn to take care of the planet and so keep it for much longer.

Ideal destinations to travel through Mexico with children

Where to go when travel with children

Traveling with the youngest of the home can be tedious if you don´t plan your destination well and the activities that can be done in the destination, that is why to make your life easier, we have compiled a list with the best Mexican destinations to travel with children. Destinations which could save you time and money resulting in some of the best cheap flights to Mexico, in places where you and your children can enjoy your vacations with fun activities and places to explore.

Xcaret in Quintana Roo

Full of blue water eyes, emerald walls and a Mayan atmosphere, Xcaret is an ancestral paradise perfect for the whole family; this is due to its different areas and the wide variety of tourist activities. Here you can find a wonderful underground river, a bird farm, a butterfly farm and reef aquariums, a place where you can also do activities like snorkeling, meet huge turtles and enjoy various shows throughout the year.

Xcaret, cenotes, Mexico


This beautiful capital has a wide variety of activities ranging from theaters and concerts, to great and fun outdoor shows, such as the puppet festival that takes place during November in San Miguel de Allende. Another amazing place that your children will love is La Nave in Celaya, it is an interactive museum where your children will know about the space and have fun with science workshops, during the afternoon you can walk through its streets full of historic buildings to enjoy a site full of colors, ideal for your children to relax and sleep deeply.

Africam Safari in Puebla

Located on the outskirts of the city of Puebla, Africam Safari is a refuge that offers lots of fun for children and adults. This famous conservation park has huge outdoor areas where your children can be close to the more than two thousand five hundred animals that roam freely. You will also find areas where you can take part in ecological activities and live shows.

Jirafes at African Safari, Puebla

The Tuxtlas Biosphere Reserve, Veracruz

This reserve starts from the northeast edge of the Catemaco lagoon and expands to reach the Gulf of Mexico; it is one of the best destinations for children and teenagers who love adventure and nature. Its great variety of ecosystems allows you to learn from loving and caring for the planet. The best thing is that in the reserve you will find many activities such as kayaking, fishing, snorkeling, hiking in the forest, learning about traditional Mexican medicine and reforestation.

Guacamayas at The Tuxtlas

Monterrey, Nuevo León

In Monterrey, you will find many options for the little ones to have fun, from exploring the majesty of the Huasteca Canyon, to enjoying a day of safari in Bioparque. You should also visit the Fundidora Park, where you can rent bicycles to admire the view from their viewpoints or visit the Oven 3 where the Steel Museum is located. There are also boat rides that run through Santa Lucia until you reach the Macroplaza.

Cheap flights to Mexico don´t have to be synonymous with boredom for the little ones, since they will find pretty fun places where besides having fun, they can also learn about environmental conservation.