Taiwan sends fighters against China’s nuclear bombers

Five H-6 strategic bombers capable of carrying nuclear bombs approached the island. They were accompanied by eight J-16 fighters and four J-11 fighters which are derivatives of the Russian Sukhoi Su-27.

The group also flies six J-10 fighter-bombers, a Y-20 refueling refueling aircraft and three engines for the Y-9 and KJ-500 airborne events monitoring and radio electronic warfare.

The bombers, six J-10s and two REB KJ-500s approached Taiwan from the southeast as they flew over the Basha Strait, which separates the island from the Philippines. These engines are accompanied by an aircraft to refuel in the air.

The remaining warriors returned before reaching Basha. However, all engines took off into the ADIZ identification zone, where Taiwan requires the aircraft to be identified. Chinese planes don’t do that.

China has not commented on the incident, but has in the past described it as a year to protect its sovereignty over Taiwan, which has never declared independence.

Chinese president demands army modernization for war

The incident came as Chinese President Xi Jinping’s three-day meeting with top Chinese commanders ended. According to the New China agency, the president stressed the need to modernize the army to be able to win the war.

“Great efforts are needed to strengthen the scientific and technological level and to improve the current capabilities to win modern wars,” Si said.

“There is a need to strengthen practical experience and encourage and guide officers and soldiers to feel the wind and rain, see the world, strengthen their muscles and bones and develop their talents in keen military exercises,” the Chinese president added.

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