Tears flowed for Ukraine in the square. Janek Ledecký also submitted a message from Esther

The team initially went to the Czech Republic only for a two-week training camp. However, this would drag on due to Russian aggression and the club had to stay in Nymburk, where it found a new home. He will play a Champions League game on the Nymburk board on Thursday and enlists the support of local fans. The player with the Ukrainian flag and the words Stop War!

Singer Jakub Děkan also emotionally experienced the war in Ukraine. “I have a biological father in Ukraine and two siblings I haven’t met,” he said before singing two of his songs.

Dozens of war refugees have been accommodated in Nymburk and Poděbrady

Greetings from Ester Ledecká were arranged by the father and musician Janek, who spoke about the importance of the ban on starting Russian athletes in the world clan. “For the Russian public, this is an important signal that something is really wrong and is starting to wake up,” the musician explained.

Mayor Jaroslav ervinka could barely contain his emotions during his speech. He recalls the historical experience of our country and at the same time asks for help. “Direct the main part of your assistance to the Handicap Center in Ostend, where they have it under organizational control,” a local resident asked.

Current city management measures are also endorsed by former mayor Ladislav Langr, who quotes Karel apek in a traditionally appropriate speech. He also spoke of the parallels between the situation of the countries of Germany and Russia, which he described as benevolent, “but at some point, unfortunately, they were led by madmen.” “From the point of view of a higher moral principle, killing a tyrant is not a crime.”

Musicians Nymburk of the Crossband band Jaroslav Kříž and Jan Rýznar contributed to the musical emotion. Perhaps the warmest emotion was expressed by another Nymburk musician’s little daughter, Yannick Tevi, who came to hug her twice during the performance.

Whoever wants, comes to school in yellow-blue clothes.  During the big break, a group photo shoot was held in the lobby with the help of drones.

PICTURE: Children come to school in yellow and blue clothes. They were photographed by drone

Ukrainian students holding one of the local collections right next to the hostel also openly expressed their feelings. With tears in their eyes, their representatives thanked them for their support and even asked for information on where to get bulletproof vests or helmets. What they need most right now in their country.

“You can’t imagine what we went through when we communicated with our loved ones who were in Ukraine. And what suffering we went through when he just didn’t respond to our messages for a few minutes,” he describes the difficult times. Like a Ukrainian woman helping a city take care of incoming refugees, she appeared on stage with her mother and daughter.

In the end, the representative of one of the oldest noble families, Děpold Czernin, read out several messages from those who were unable to attend. He also invited those present to pray. The rally ended first with the Ukrainian national anthem and then with the Czech national anthem sung by Nymburk Tyršov Primary School students.

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