Tech legend Gordon Moore (94) has passed away

COMPUTER MAN: Gordon Moore – here pictured before he retired from Intel.

If you’re reading this case on your phone, computer or tablet – it’s thanks to Gordon Moore (94), among others.


Moore died Friday, surrounded by family, at his home in Hawaii, Intel and the Moore family’s philanthropic foundation said.

The Silicon Valley pioneer is 94 years old.

The company Moore helped started in 1968 – Intel – is still the world’s largest manufacturer data chips.

The processor is the brain of the computer or cell phone. Simply put, who determines how “strong” it is.

And more than 50 years ago, in 1971, he and his company launched the world’s first commercial microprocessor: Intel 4004.

Moore is an engineer by training.

GEEK LAW: Gordon Moore is the man behind “Moore’s Law” – a technological prediction that has proven true to date.

Invented “Moore’s Law”

In an article in 1965, Moore first explained the principles that have become known as Moore’s Law.

He pointed to being able to observe a doubling of circuit performance on computer chips every year.

Then he adjusted the observations to apply every two years. That theory held water until recently.

– What I’m trying to do is send the message that by adding more stuff to computer chips, you’re going to make all the electronics cheaper, Moore said in a 2008 interview.

INTO SPACE: Intel has manufactured several processors that have already been sent into space – on a NASA spacecraft or on a satellite.

Courtesy of Intel

Moore retired from Intel in 2006.

During her lifetime, she donated more than $5.1 billion to non-profit causes. He does so through the foundation he founded with his wife of 72 years, Betty.

– While he never intended to make a name for himself, Gordon’s vision and work throughout his life have facilitated the phenomenal innovation and technological developments that surround our lives, said Harvey Fineberg, president of the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger pays tribute to Moore.

– He left a legacy that has changed the lives of everyone on this planet. His memory lives on, says Gelsinger.

TURNED 94: Gordon Moore is 94 years old. But the company he founded in the 60s is still a world leader.

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