Television is entertained, educated and bored this year

The eleventh series of the Czech Television StarDance dance competition, which has to deal with the onslaught of the coronavirus, brings rest and fun. Also Bakes competitions all over the country. In Nova, another series of the competition Your Face has the famous voice, SuperStar or the new knowledge competition On the Hunt! Prima again entertained the audience of the Czech Republic Slovakia competition with talent, We love the Czechia, or the reality show Like House.

New series appeared on the screens, especially on commercial television, but did not bring anything new. Although they try at least with the environment they offer. From the hospital, for example, Mission 1 in Prima, from Mr. Professor’s education in Nova. The love relationship is not only between the main characters play a major role everywhere. But they found their audience.

Czech television with recordings

“This year has been very busy for Czech Television. It is very difficult to choose the greatest success. We continue the project we started in the first year of the pandemic, we broke record revenue from donor news with Concert for Tornado-hit Moravia, record revenue from Adventist concerts, our shows won by Czech Lion, native working from Božena via Kukačky until he was interested, opened social discussion. Oxford University and Reuters Institute once again named Czech Television as the most trusted medium in the country,” Karolina Blinková, spokeswoman for Czech Television, told Práva.

“Our permanent ambition is to fulfill the meaning of public service as best we can, in the form of credibility and quality of original works,” he added.

Nova bets in the digital world

In 2021 the TV series Street hit its best results, in the spring of the popular Secret Boss or MasterChef and the premiere of Mr Professor as part of the fall program, Tereza ižková of TV Nova told Právo.

In the coming years, Nova Group also wants to strengthen its position in the digital world. With the Voyo channel for subscribers, it celebrates success.

“The Surgery in the Rose Garden, the global reality show Love Island and Roubal Case produced by Voyo Original enjoy high ratings in the digital environment,” added Tereza ižková.

Prima scored with Slunečná

The most successful series on TV screens and on is the Sunny series. According to Gabriela Semová of TV Prima, the new Hvězdy nad hlava series, First Mission, follows the training of young military doctors, and the fifth installment of the Polda series is highly watched.

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