Tesla is open to everyone – Last night we got nearly 500 new lightning chargers in Norway

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Tesla has one of the largest charging networks in Europe, but until now this lightning charger was only available for Tesla’s own cars.

That will now change. In the Netherlands, all of their charging stations are now open to other electric cars, and now Norway is following suit.

After Tesla ran a pilot project with several open stations in southern Norway, they have now opened full access to most of their Supercharger stations – from Lyngdal in the south, to Varanger in the north, according to Naf.

As such, Tesla is also Norway’s largest supplier of lightning charging.

Tesla is open to everyone: It’s a disservice to other car owners

Now only those stations where the traffic is the most dense that Tesla still wants chargers provided for Tesla’s own cars.

Including Tuesday’s change, 58 supercharger stations for a total of 812 charging stations are available for other car brands, Tesla stated.

This Tesla charging station is open to everyone (updated 3.5.2022)

The place

Number of filling posts

Alta 6
Alvdal 16
Aspøya 8
Brekkvasselv 8
Brumunddal 20
Bygland 8
Elverum 16
Fåvang 16
Gjøvik 12
West Goal 24
goal 8
Hokksund – Eiker 20
Honingsvåg 3
Hovden 12
inland sea 10
Kautokeino 4
Lampeland 12
Lasses 20
Lavik 10
Liertoppen 40
maurset 8
print 8
North Mosjøen 10
mosque 6
Norheimsund 10
rskog 12
Os 14
Rldal 12
Rudshøgda 14
Sandane 6
thermoen 6
Skaidi 3
Skarnes 16
Skibot 6
Skjåk – Bismo 18
Stryn 4
Training 8
Trondheim 12
Varangerbotn 3
Vestby 20
Left 12

Tesla has created a charging map showing which stations are open to everyone. At the time of writing, it hasn’t been updated with any new stations, but we hope it will soon. You can read more about it below:

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