The biggest return in the history of the sport. Woods almost lost his leg, now he’s back

From the late 1990s to early 2010, Tiger Woods was the center of the golf world. He took this game to another level, making it a global show. He started out as a top amateur player from Stanford University, which wouldn’t be so great. But then he won more awards and titles than can be counted. From 1997 to 2010, he was the world leader in 623 weeks and earned more than $700 million.

He did something unreal. When most people think of golf today, the first thing they think of is the name Tiger Woods. Find another sport like that. You won’t find it.

Tiger wins and wins, but then something stops. Since the 2009 affair, he has been treated like a roller coaster. He went through almost everything: apart from a divorce, he was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, a car accident, and an injury. He didn’t even win a single tournament in four seasons. He’s fallen from world number one to a man who doesn’t know if his life on the golf course has any future at all.

But Tiger Woods has deep roots. He returned in 2019 and miraculously won the Masters again. It was his first major win in 11 years. It was a very long journey for Tiger, but its biggest win was this important return.

Tiger Woods likes to prove people wrong.

Rory McIlroy

Now 46-year-old Tiger Woods is back for a second time. After being seriously injured following a serious car accident that nearly took his right leg a year ago in February. By deciding to play in the Masters, he sent a lot of energy into golf. It seems unbelievable, but golf seems to need Woods more than Woods golf itself. The atmosphere around Master had changed dramatically since the announcement of Tiger’s participation. At the same time, we rarely go to the first men’s major this year with so many exciting young talents.

Everyone thought that the epic victory three years ago was the absolute pinnacle. The 43-year-old veteran has found a way to beat the best in the world with his back fused. But you may need to wake up properly. Add three years, some supports and the titanium bolts that secure Woods’ right leg. It was completely destroyed in the devastating crash of his luxury SUV Genesis, which was hurtling down a hill in suburban Los Angeles.

It looked like the end of an incredible career. He has to learn to walk again, that’s the first task. Precise drives, shots, clapping and long brisk runs on the field are distant prospects. Over time, it became known that Woods had more lives and would eventually play. But few believe that they will have a chance to enter the super tournament in Augusta. July 150th Open Championship at St. Andrews looked much more realistic on a competitive comeback.

But “He likes to prove people wrong,” said his longtime rival, Rory McIlroy. And he hit.

Currently, it is unlikely that Woods’ name will appear at the top of the Augusta tournament leaderboard. But it doesn’t matter. If Woods finishes, he gets more than the “green jacket” winner. So will the whole tournament, because these moments will go down in history in gold letters and Woods will become a legend of legend.

This may be unfair, but it is. The camera will occupy Woods first. When he’s tying his shoelaces, he’s waving to the crowd, he’s shooting – wherever he flies. Only then will they see the tournament favorites. Take, for example, the new world number one, the promising Scottie Scheffler, 25 from Ridgewood, New Jersey. And maybe Scheffler will too, although history says the chances of the “newcomer” to win are minimal.

But that doesn’t change the fact that the glory will go to the unfaithful and badass racer Tiger Woods. You may disagree, you may protest, but August 2022 will mark the biggest individual comeback in the history of the sport.

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