The bridge may be the first European city to communicate comprehensively

It will only contain verified and relevant information for life, work and recreation. At the same time, it will enable effective feedback to be provided to all interested local governments, institutions or organizations. In less than seven years, Cellular Radio, on which Munipolis’ smart communications network is based, has grown to become the number one communication tool between cities and citizens. It is currently used by more than 2,200 local governments, who have the opportunity to contact and notify residents directly or to get feedback from them in the form of mini-conferences, participatory events or incentives, which are regularly sent by people throughout the Republic Czech. tens of thousands.

Thanks to the newly established Munipolis network, this opportunity will open up to hundreds of thousands of completely new entities. For the first time, not only municipalities but also state authorities, municipal institutions, associations, sports clubs or parishes, for example, will be connected to a single platform. This will create the most comprehensive platform for proven communication, which has the ambition to present far better solutions and options than those offered by existing social networks. And that will make it easier for almost any institution with important information to connect directly with specific people.

“Social networks have certainly become the standard of digital communication today. But while their goal is to create maximum content regardless of quality or relevance, in the case of the Munipolis smart communications network, it’s quite the opposite. The quality, usability and especially the relevance of the information is always in the first place. At the same time, there is a lack of advertisements or advertisements that will distract from the important message. It is possible to comment on and respond to individual messages, but with a certain degree of control, so that discussions are constructive,” explains Ondřej vrček, founder of Munipolis.

According to him, the company will get the most effective means of communication with employees and the city hall. Munipolis also intends to redefine corporate communications with their own employees. For the first time, employers will be able to stand alongside state and local government agencies and transmit important information to their employees with the same priority as, for example, city halls. In one system, important non-commercial news from all institutions they need for life, work and entertainment will meet in Czech. Of course, it is possible to use a referendum among employees or to get feedback, including reporting suggestions. Communication with clients or suppliers also wants to be open in the future.

“Recently, we will provide opportunities for employers to conveniently communicate with their people and thereby increase work comfort. You will find out about running water or an accident in the driveway before you go to work. And the management of the city hall or the surrounding municipality, through Munipolis, can immediately learn from the company about, for example, crisis events,” explains Ondřej vrček.

The bridge may be the first European city to communicate comprehensively. One of the first cities to test news on the Munipolis network was the North Bohemian Bridge. He has been communicating cleverly with his citizens since 2019. Now he will also give this opportunity to the municipalities in his catchment area or to one of the largest companies, ORLEN Unipetrol RPA, which will use Munipolis for possible crisis communications with the cities of Most and Litvínov . If consolidation of institutions into smart grids proves successful, transport companies or other urban institutions could be added in the future. “We want citizens to have to subscribe to the news only once and then it is only up to them to choose which institutions and city associations are relevant to them. In our case, we involve schools, senior clubs and, in the future, several sports clubs within the framework of the Most communications network. For crisis communication, we also connect the largest chemical plant ORLEN Unipetrol RPA to the Munipolis network, which we allow to send messages to all cities within our ORP district or within the city of Litvínov in case of a crisis situation,” said Jaroslav Hejduk. , for example, the involvement of cultural institutions, neighboring communities or, for example, transportation companies. I will be happy if in the near future all the important information in Most will find its own citizens, “he added.

Thanks to its involvement in Munipolis, the bridge and its sprawling surroundings can be unique not only in the Czech Republic, but even throughout the world. For example, local governments in Germany, Spain or even North America, where this Czech project is developing, can learn immediately.

Frantisek Broz – FYI Prague

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