The Charles Bridge is said to even surpass the Great Wall of China. Nevertheless, tourists do not spare Prague

Prague monuments are once again scoring goals on the international tourist scene. The well-known travel portal TripAdvisor places Prague’s Charles Bridge 16th in its regularly published list of 25 global “wonders”, which tourists around the world definitely should not miss. The Charles Bridge thus leaves behind, among other things, the Great Wall of China, America’s September 11 memorial, or the opera house in Sydney, Australia.

“This bridge offers one of the most beautiful views of the city and the Vltava River and is one of the most beautiful monuments in Prague,” says the website on the monument medal. In the five-step server ranking however, only a little over 60 percent of the 16,000 tourists who visit the famous bridge and wish to share their experiences with other travelers give Charles Bridge the highest “excellent” rating. Prague’s tourist magnet is not contributing at all.

“Crossing the Charles Bridge is very difficult due to the large number of tourists and it really spoils my impression of the place,” complained one reviewer on the TipAdvisor website. “I heard from many people how beautiful Prague is. I just faced a hostile reaction towards tourists, Czech people’s thinking is the same as 30 years ago and nice people are rare here,” said another tourist.

“Also, you should always be sure of how much you will get on the exchange for your euros. The rates shown on the board are often not valid. Most people do not speak English and are unwilling to try. Be careful with restaurants too, I recommend eating in Chinese and Vietnamese restaurants where they at least speak English,” another tourist summed up the situation.

Angkor Wat is the highlight, according to TripAdvisor users

TripAdvisor declared Cambodia’s Angkor Vat temple the world’s most interesting monument. Peru’s Machu Picchu won the silver medal, while India’s Taj Mahal was named the third most attractive place in the world by the portal. The top ten include, among others, the famous La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, ​​\u200b\u200bthe legendary Alcatraz or the statue of Christ in Rio, Brazil.

TripAdvisor is known as the biggest travel site in the world. Last year, more than 260 million users visited it every month, and they wrote more than 150 million reviews. The poll is among the most watched in tourism.

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