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General Gabor Borondi, acting chief of staff of the Hungarian army, gave an interview to Hungarian television on Tuesday, May 9, whose echoes spread far beyond his country’s borders. The military spoke of the need for peace talks and used the example of Poland from 1939 in its argument.

The Hungarian general caused a scandal

The Hungarian general argued that the German aggression against our country in 1939 was only a “local war” and turned into a global conflict due to the lack of peace talks. The Ambassador of the Republic of Poland, Sebastian Kęcik, reacted to his statement, remembering the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact and the six million Polish victims.

The diplomat addressed the Hungarian commander in an official letter. “Poland is the undisputed victim of the criminal and premeditated acts of the Third Reich and the Soviet Union, as well as their allies,” he wrote.

The Polish ambassador teaches history to the Hungarian commander

“These words, which can be interpreted as accusing my country of increasing and being involved in causing global conflict, are an unacceptable distortion of history for us and should not come out of anyone’s mouth, in particular from the mouths of representatives of countries that are our close allies, ‘ continued Sebastian. Kęcik.

“Today, in the face of full-scale, unprovoked and illegal Russian aggression against Ukraine, Europe must learn from World War II and stand in solidarity on the right side of history, on the side of the victims, not the aggressors. Only in this way can we achieve lasting peace in Europe. History must not be used to weaken our unity.”

General slip-up right after the promotion

General Gabor Borodin was appointed Commander in Chief of the Hungarian Armed Forces at the end of April this year. This was done by the President of Hungary, Katalin Nowak, approving the motion of Defense Minister Kristof Szalay-Bobrovniczky and dismissing General Romulus Ruszin-Szendi from the same position.

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