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SpaceX reports that it will take at least 48 hours before they can try again.

The “Super Heavy/Starship” rocket launch is scheduled to take place at 15:20 Norwegian time on Monday.

The rocket was in the process of being refueled when SpaceX reported at 3:05 p.m. Norwegian time that there was a problem with the valve.. Seven minutes later, today’s attempt was aborted.

– Don’t expect success. This probably won’t go well. That’s a very difficult thing to do, Elon Musk said yesterday. It was written by Reuters.

The world’s largest

The rocket rose a full 120 meters above the ground. In the initial stages, it will be filled with 4,600 tons of liquid methane and oxygen. An explosion could destroy the launch tower if it occurred right after starting the engines.

The engine in the first stage produces a thrust of 74 meganewtons. That’s 300 regular passenger aircraft of the Boeing 737 NG type.

WORLD’S BIGGEST: The combination rocket is nine meters taller than the Saturn V rocket that brought the first man to the moon.

Photo: SPACEX / Reuters

Harbor on the sea

Both “Super Heavy” and “Starship” were designed to be reusable. During testing, they will still be destroyed. Both launched as a single unit. After a few minutes, “Starship” will separate from “Super Heavy”.

SpaceX wants to show off a lot during the first ride. Are as follows:

  • That the launch vehicle successfully transported the ship into space.
  • That the launch vehicle is capable of making a soft landing on Earth.
  • That the ship could survive coming back from outer space.

“Super Heavy” will simulate landing. It will take place in the ocean just east of the launch site. The rocket will slow down and reach zero vertical velocity right on the surface. There it will capsize and sink.

The “Starship” will use its own engine to nearly reach the speed needed to enter orbit. Over the Pacific Ocean, it will hit the atmosphere. If it survives, it will float downward towards the surface of the ocean.

The encounter will be so brutal that the “Spaceship” will be destroyed. SpaceX predicted the plane would explode. “Starship” will not attempt to simulate a landing.

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