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Artist Marie Ulven, 23, known as Girl in Red, has taken the world by storm in recent years. When Spellemann’s nominations became known in February, the 23-year-old was nominated for a total of seven awards. That makes it historic.

During Friday’s distribution from Sentralen in Oslo, the artist left with three awards. He won the award for songwriter of the year for the album “if I can calm him down”, this year’s release for the same album, and also received the generous Spellemann of the Year award.

He was awarded the prize for songwriter of the year in the NRK Studio P3 program on Thursday afternoon. There, Wolf confirmed that he would not be present during distribution.

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On Thursday afternoon, he was awarded his first Spellemann Prize for 2021, in the NRK program «Studio P3». There he won the songwriter category of the year.

In an interview on the program, he also explained that he would not be seen at the Sentralen in Oslo on Friday evening, where the awards ceremony would take place.

– I hope not to participate in it, he said in the program. He was quick to add that it was bullshit on his part, and that he would love to be there.

But the 23-year-old woman got a big surprise when she received the award. She received an award from superstar Billie Eilish.

Wolf is currently on tour in the United States. He and Eilish recorded the handover while they were both performing at the infamous Coachella festival last weekend.

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Despite her young age, the 23-year-old has had great success both in Norway and internationally since she released the song “I Want Be Your Girlfriend” in 2018.

In 2021, he released the single “Serotonin” from his album “if I could calm him down”, and he received much praise for the album.

The same night the song was released, it was declared “the hottest in the world right now” on the Future Sounds program at BBC Radio 1, which is one of the featured channels. BBC reports. the song was dubbed the “weird and upbeat pop national anthem”.

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