The Management of the Wallachian County Museum has prepared a program full of hunting-themed demonstrations, shows, and other entertainment.

“In addition to the proven attractions, such as a falconry show or a cynologist show with hunting dogs, there is also exciting news. Among them are, for example, comments on horseback from the Count’s company,” said museum spokesman Jiří Koňařík.

The summer pool at Valašské Meziříčí starts the 2022 season. People try out the new pool built for CZK 60 million for the first time;  Saturday, June 11, 2022

The people of Meziříčí are enjoying the new 60 million swimming pool for the first time. see

There is also traditional venison goulash from local hunters, and folk songs performed by dulcimer music by Valmez also contribute to well-being.

Those interested can also check out the exhibition of banknotes from around the world or this season’s premier exhibition The Stork Arrives at Lešenský palace, which represents an extensive collection of historic strollers.