The Karlovy Vary Festival was also visited by world-renowned cardiologist Petr Neužil, who revealed his film tips

“My daughter and I are going to see the film Report on the Rescue of the Dead, where Vojta Dyk is in the lead role, and it’s a film about palliative care,” said Petr Neužil.

This film by director Václav Kadrnka was inspired by his father’s real punch and competes in the main competition section of the Karlovy Vary Film Festival.

Cardiologist Petr Neužil

Photo: Michaela Feuereislová

According to the head of the cardiology department of the Na Homolce Hospital in Prague, this fictional film also touches on current issues in the health sector.

“I think we are beyond the point where we just need to save lives. Of course, we have to go down a path to improve our lives. Medicine has its limits and I as a lover of technology applied in medicine and healthcare, I want to save everyone but I can’t,” he told Novinky.

“So at a level where I myself as a doctor understand that this is impossible, the point is that patients who don’t have a chance to survive will live with a certain quality. It means he’s not suffering, that he’s with his family and somehow he’s ready to go.”

Professor Petr Neužil (right), who performed the unique intervention.

Photo: Na Homolce Hospital archives

World-renowned cardiologist and professor participates in the Karlovy Vary festival as visitors, but says many local participants and organizers are among his patients.

“Of course I am bound by medical secrecy, but I can say that I call my patients ‘pacoe’, and the question is when will ‘pacoše’ become friends, or vice versa. And in the case of the Karlovy Vary festival, a number of ‘pacos’ are already in phase. mate,” he said.

He added, luckily he still doesn’t have to intervene here as a doctor and can enjoy the film festival to the fullest. “Everyone here looks healthy, but the question is what is health. We say that everyone has a diagnosis, but the question is what kind of diagnostic method will I use to find out. Meaning they are not healthy, but they have diagnostic potential,” explains the medical humor.

Cardiologists also thanked festival director Karlovy Vary through Novinky. “I want to thank you for being here and allowing me to feel the atmosphere, Jiří Bartošek and Mr Och, who took on a very important and crucial role as artistic director after Eva Zaoral, who was also my patient and wished him good health,” he added.

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