The labor office received 252,000 applications for humanitarian benefits from refugees from Ukraine

Humanitarian benefits are paid from March 21. Refugees can receive 5,000 crowns to cover basic necessities and equipment needed to start life in the Czech Republic. They will receive support for the month in which they received a visa for protection. If necessary, they can take it for another five months. For the provision of free accommodation for at least 16 days a month, people can receive from the country a solidarity contribution of 3,000 crowns per person, a maximum of 12,000 crowns. Applications can only be submitted electronically, starting Monday.

“In the last two days (Monday and Tuesday), Czech households have submitted 8,653 applications. We have a specific problem that we registered with the throughput of the information system. We are working on it. He apologizes for the inconvenience.

The Ministry of Manpower has long received criticism over the state of the information system. According to Jurečka, solidarity contributions are the “first full digital endorsement”. Refugees can submit electronic applications for humanitarian benefits. Authorities received about 100,000 of the 252,000 online, the minister said. The refugees want to have a total of 154,000 benefits sent to Czech bank accounts.

The head of the ministry said that the labor office typically processes around 1.3 million grants per month. Now about 300,000 more. He had agreed to an increase in the amount of the reward. “The amount is beyond the scope of the normal rewards that existed in the past,” said Jurečka.

More than 4.4 million people, mostly women and children, fled Ukraine before the Russian invasion. The majority of them went to Poland, which was registered on its territory according to UNHCR more than two and a half million Ukrainians.

In Europe, this is the fastest refugee crisis since World War II. According to server Guard said Filippo Grandi, Commissioner of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

Many countries have opened their borders to refugees. More than 700,000 people went to Romania, more than 400,000 to Moldova. More than 300,000 people from Ukraine came to the Czech Republic in the first month of the Russian invasion, and the country passed laws to facilitate their access to jobs, health insurance, and studies.

The same number of people have headed to Slovakia or Germany, where refugees from Ukraine will soon receive residence and work permits and Ukrainian children can start school soon. Denmark has also passed a law that would allow refugees from Ukraine to start work, go to school and receive social benefits, immediately upon arrival.

Similarly, Poland will allow refugees from Ukraine to work legally or obtain social and health insurance. About 100,000 incoming refugees were reported by Austria and more than 50,000 by Italy. But the actual figure may be higher.

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