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Today, almost everyone knows enameled dishes. Some have them at home from their grandmothers, others buy new pots and pans for their modern kitchen and other products made in České Budějovice. The South Bohemian town has been associated with the traditional enamel brands Sfinx and Belis for many years. At the moment, interested parties can purchase quality products at a discount of up to 50 percent in the manufacturer’s e-shop.

Few people suspect that of the original eight large enamel factories located in Bohemia in 1948, only one ultimately remained. Belis Enamel Factory today it is located in České Budějovice and celebrates 130 years since its foundation this year.

The history of the Belis enamel factory and the stories of its owners will become a novel and certainly not a relaxing bedtime read. The factory in Vráta, which is now part of České Budějovice, was founded by Franz Westen, Adolf Westen and Otto Hasenclever in 1893.

A year later, they sold it to Ferdinand Steiner, who nearly ruined it. In 1905, Smaltovna Bohemia was acquired by the firm of Ullmann and his sons. The enamel factory operated until the Second World War, when the owner of Jewish origin ended up in a concentration camp.

Instead of seeing satisfaction after the war came nationalization, incorporation into the national company of the Sphinx, and forty years of communist rule. In 1994, the original enamel factory was partially restored and partially purchased. From then until now, it is a purely Czech capital company. Thus, traditional production is still maintained today.

Enamelware with up to 50 percent off

“We really can’t conceive of enamelware as some sort of retro item. In the competition for stainless steel pots of varying and often dubious quality, Teflon-coated plates, glass roasting dishes and grills, they stand out more than they should. indisputable,” he says Josef Kroulíkhead of sales and production department of Belis company.

In today Shop e-shop sales of products continue, which interested parties can purchase with a discount of up to 50 percent. The event ends Wednesday, June 21.

Cooking in enamel fully meets the requirements for preparing healthy food. Enamel is actually enamel that melts on a plate, which in no way affects the quality and taste of food.

Healthy cooking and longevity.  Enamelware offers a number of advantages

It’s no coincidence that it appears in almost every Czech household. The popular enamel tableware offers a number of advantages that people are interested in today. Apart from not releasing harmful substances, it is easy to clean and lasts for years without a trace…

“The plate up to 2 millimeters thick distributes heat nicely and evenly, maintaining the temperature reached, which means economical cooking as a result. Enamel cookware is also suitable for all heat sources – induction, electric hobs, gas and ceramic hobs. Add in the long service life as an added bonus, and it’s pretty clear why buying enamel cookware is a good choice.” added Kroulik.

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