The life of civilians is harsh during the war. Slovaks are interested in free educational games

“Some write, some document, some help materially. We make video games. And you’re no longer just about fun. They help understand experiences that players have never experienced in real life. The goal of our initiative is to use games to bring the audience as much as possible is closer to the situation in our eastern neighbors, “said Veronika Golianová, one of the organizers of the new project.

All games available free on the web There are currently five titles available and more are in progress. At the same time, game developers can add their own games to the site, which are somehow related to war conflicts.

Preview of the game Between Siren Calls

Photo: creator archive

Example from the game Point of No Return

Photo: creator archive

One of the games included in this project is Point of No Return. He will take the player to a war-torn city, and his task is to reach the edge – and save his life. Disinfo-Checker shows that war does not only happen on the battlefield, but also in cyberspace.

In this 3-word video game, players will try to simulate trickery, difficult conversations with their parents and how to cope with mentally demanding situations. Between Siren Calls is an atmospheric adventure that will show players what it’s like to hide from bombings and other traps that people have to face in war.

The creators of the individual title believe that “games as a modern educational tool will serve to better understand conflict and help parents or schools to open discussions with their children about what is happening beyond our boundaries.”

The initiative is supported by game studios and initiatives Impact Games, Incidental Minds, Bored Monkey, Slovak Game Developers Association, Bratislava Game Jam, and Dark Vision Games.

An example from the game Disinfo-Checker

Photo: creator archive

3 word game example

Photo: creator archive

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