The man makes furniture out of glass bottles which would otherwise end up in a landfill

“When I was little I liked to collect mini wine bottles, as an adult I received used wine bottles from friends, and I collected them to make various things at home for fun, such as glasses, ashtrays, medicine trays,” he told Newsflare Vietnam.

“As the bottles grew, I made a set of tables and chairs for receiving guests, then I proceeded to make decorative lamps, dining sets, beds, shelves …,” Mr. Binh calculated, explaining how now the bottles are creations that only make part of the bottle. great furniture in his house.

According to him, the most demanding is the bed, the production of which requires a lot of effort, but he also puts the most love into it. It’s no surprise, then, that he’s a favorite of all his creations, and he likes them the most.

Currently, about 70 percent of household amenities are items made of glass bottles, most often from alcohol. Human hobbies and work therefore have another dimension, namely ecological. Even if it’s on a very small scale, it’s good to cycle this waste.

Do you know what upcycling is?
The word upcycling is formed by the composition of the prefix up, which in English indicates an upward direction, and the word cycle, which can be translated, among other things, as cycle. Upcycling is a relatively new trend, especially in the design field. Unlike recycling, where old items are repaired or even just saved from destruction but retain their original purpose, recycling changes the way items are used. By upcycling, it acquires a new, higher value, either in an artistic or utility sense, or both at the same time. While recycling primarily requires skill, it is a more creative and often unmistakable artistic activity.

“When I work on recyclable materials, I think it will extend the spirit of environmental protection to everyone,” concluded Mr Binh.


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