The Mariupol shooting had another sporting casualty: World champion Kagal died in battle († 30)

The tragic news coming from Ukraine is still coming to an end. Among the latest is information about the death of the famous kickboxer Maxim Kagal, who fought for his homeland near Mariupol. He finally gave up his life for Ukraine, whom he died a few days ago during a fierce battle…

During his life, Maxim has accumulated a number of sports successes. For example, he won the title of ISKA World Champion, but he also attracted attention in the senior national team of Ukraine. Unfortunately, he will not add any more success. He died fighting fiercely for Mariupol on Friday. His coach, Oleg Skirta, confirmed the death of his ward on social networks.

The death of the champion was announced on social networks by his coach. According to him, Maxim died on Friday during a difficult battle for Mariupol: “Unfortunately, the war took the best of people. On March 25, Maxim “Piston” Kagal died in defense of the city of Mariupol, as part of the special section “Azov”,“The overwhelmed coach writes on his social networks and remembers Maxim’s achievements with the addition that, despite all the titles, he is above all an honest and polite person.

Kickboxer is part of the Azov Group, a separate special operations department of the Ukrainian National Guard with its main base in Mariupol on the Sea of ​​Azov. Mariupol today is a place where, after the arrival of the Russian “peacekeeping forces”, no need is overlooked.

In one of the talks of President Volodymyr Zelensk, the city came to speak. And from the statement of the Ukrainian head of state, a chill ran down his spine: “No Mariupol. Mariupol is a big city… There are half a million people. Can you imagine that 90% of the buildings in a city of half a million people were affected? They just weren’t. They were burned, destroyed, they were lost. But at least some high-rise buildings remained. in small towns.” said.

Unfortunately, this is not the first athlete who was fatal in the fight for his homeland during the war with Russia. For example, biathlete Yevgen Malyshev (died 19) or soccer player Vitaly Sapylo (died 21) died in the battle. Mariupol himself also recently received sad news about a young gymnast, Ekaterina Djachenkova († 11), who died under the rubble of a house bombed by Russia.

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