The media has calculated: Think 50,000 dead Russian soldiers

THROUGH THE BLACK SEA: Vladimir Putin visited an MMA center near Sochi on Friday. The president has spent the last few days in the Black Sea. The image has been released from the Kremlin press service.

Independent media have discovered the names of 25,218 Russian soldiers who died in the Ukrainian war. In all, they calculated that 225,000 people were injured or killed.

The Russian Ministry of Defense did not release figures.

Math – done by BBC Russian Edition and free Russia media zone – is like this:

  • Thus, they found out the names of 25,218 Russian soldiers who died – from various departments.
  • They calculated that the actual number of soldiers who died was roughly double that: 50,000.
  • They estimate that 3.5 times as many were injured in the war – that is 175,000.
  • In total, this means Russia has lost 225,000 troops – killed or wounded – since the war started on February 24, 2022.

The figure has not yet been commented on by the Russian Defense Ministry. They haven’t released figures yet.

So is Ukraine’s Defense Ministry, which claims that 214,000 Russian troops have died, nearly as many as the media counts as the total killed and wounded.

  • British Ministry of Defence believes that the Russians lost 60,000 people – dead or wounded – in the Battle of Bakhmut alone.
  • Russia lost 7.5 times more soldiers than Ukraine in the battle for Bakhmut, claims Oleksiy DanilovSecretary of the National Security Council of Ukraine.
  • Vladimir Putin said on Friday that Ukrainian troops had now lost a lot as they would counterattack. – It’s a three-on-one classic, Putin said according to the report RIA, three times more casualties for attackers than for defenders.
  • The last time Russia reported casualty figures was September 2022. Then they stated 5,937 soldiers were killed.

Both Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and Russian President Vladimir Putin have confirmed in recent days that a Ukrainian attack is underway.

– We can say with certainty that the Ukrainian counterattack has begun, said Putin on Friday RIA.

– Counterattack is underway. I don’t want to say anything about what stage we are in, said a private Zelenskyj on Saturday, according to the report. Unity.


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