The Ministry of Health is connected to RunCzech! Together they will promote sports and exercise

Sports and running used to be the best prevention against various diseases. Regular exercise improves physical fitness, as well as mental resilience. And first of all for this reason, the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic is connected with the organizers of RunCzech, which provides the largest beck route in the republic. One of them is the Prague International Marathon which starts on May 7. We are well aware that, together with representatives from the Ministry of Health, we will educate the public about the benefits of running and regular exercise. We want an active lifestyle to be an important part of the lives of half the people, said Carlo Capalbo, president of the RunCzech organizing committee.

It will take place at the end of May at the 27th edition of the traditional Prague International Marathon. During that time, RunCzech succeeded in dispersing people in the Czech Republic. Several of their seductions are regularly published in media from around the world throughout the year. Prevention and its role in Czech society is my priority, and bh is one of the forms of prevention that I regularly practice. If I get sick, I lose not only my own health and time, but also the financial resources of the entire company. The best and cheapest are problems that won’t arise. Regular exercise within healthy limits is certainly one way to prevent health problems. said Health Minister Vlastimil Vlek.

The situation in Estonia is not good, because there are people with obesity or diabetes, various psychological problems among the population are increasing. Because of this, the starting point for state health data is significantly reduced. The best prevention against obesity, disease and illness is a regular and active lifestyle. This is the basic appeal of the organizers of RunCzech, who have long presented their routes or projects. For example, a regular companion program for a marathon or half marathon is a family run, where families with children are started. The Junior Marathon, a taffeta race for medium-sized cyclists, is very popular.

The Prague International Marathon will take place on July 27 and 28. First of all, the Ministry of Health wanted to draw attention to this event, promote it and build its own team.

The Velk beck sports event was also supported by the mayor of the capital city of Prague, Bohuslav Svoboda, who started this year’s Prague 1/2 Marathon. Our capital is proud of the fact that it has been held here since 1995. During that time, it won a world reputation and achieved many high-quality sporting achievements. I’m sure this year will be no different. Bh combines physical fitness, strength, flexibility and, last but not least, freedom of movement.

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