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Do you remember when the legendary Tatra 603 became the car symbol of the ruling party in Czechoslovakia? The communist leaders of the Czechoslovak state developed the “six-threesome” icon as a representative limousine for the needs of the authorities, ministries, government, and leadership of the Communist Party, and therefore mainly involved figures associated with the current regime, public can and persecution. In short, as he walked, it came as no surprise to anyone that he pulled his hat down and hid his chin under his collar.

At the same time, it led us to consider whether presidents, prime ministers and other prominent politicians should drive exclusively in their “national” cars. We’ve engaged you in the search for answers, and if you haven’t voted in our survey, you can join here:

Should presidents, prime ministers and other prominent politicians drive exclusively in “national” cars?

Yes, they do represent their country!

It doesn’t have to be, because not enough representative cars are produced everywhere

A total of 5555 readers voted.

Photo: Lukáš Kukla

We actually tested the Little Electric Dacia in our long run test

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