“The most pro-Putin politician in the Third Polish Republic”. Janusz Kowalski at Donald Tusk – News

On June 4, the parade will take place in Warsaw. Donald Tusk, head of the Civic Platform, encouraged participation in the demonstrations. The date is accidental. June 4 marks the 34th anniversary of the first partially free elections for the Sejm and Senate since the outbreak of World War II.

“The most pro-Putin politician in the Third Polish Republic”

The guest of Radio Poland 24 stressed that Donald Tusk is the leader of the protests against deputinization in Poland, carrying out transparent and professional operations to expose Russian influence. It’s because of its history. Tusk is the most pro-Russian and pro-Putin politician in the Third Polish Republic. The problem is dangerous, because the total opposition is united under the slogan “stop deputinization”. In fact, the Moscow party is being built around Tusk. Donald Tusk’s victory in the autumn parliamentary elections will be a great gift for Vladimir Putin. Champagne corks will appear in the Kremlin, says Janusz Kowalski.

June 4th is also the anniversary of the overthrow of Jan Olszewski’s government. – 31 years ago, opposing decommunization and protecting SB, Donald Tusk overthrew the pro-Western government of Jan Olszewski. On June 4, 2023, he wants to speak out against deputinization. The division was clear: those who supported Tusk and the total opposition wanted Russian influence in Poland. He did not want to reveal those who cooperated with the Kremlin on an economic, political and military level. These people want a weak state, this is an act in favor of Russia, explained the Sovereign Polish politician.

On April 14, the Sejm passed a law on the creation of a State Commission for the Study of Russia’s Influence on the Internal Security of the Republic of Poland in 2007-2022. They came up with the initiative in December last year. deputy PI. The commission operates on principles similar to the verification commission for re-privatization in Warsaw. May 11 this year the Senate passed a resolution to reject the bill on the creation of this committee. Last Friday, the Sejm voted against the Senate resolution. On Monday, the law was signed by President Andrzej Duda.


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