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In the latest issue of Słowa Podlasie, as always, many interesting articles await you. Remember that you can also buy our weekly in electronic version, just visit What are we talking about in the new edition?

  • A self-proclaimed pedophile hunter travels the country making citizen arrests. Recently, they visited Radzyń Podlaski, where, after a brief struggle, they recorded a conversation with a resident of the Radzyń district. Dissatisfied with the situation, the anti-hero of the video posted on social media was turned over to the police after the Guardians of Children’s Dreams stunt, but – like many like him – he did not remain anonymous. The 40-year-old friends and hometown residents know very well who they see in the footage on the Internet.
  • The Miss Poland 2023 election is behind us. Patrycja Jarocka from Biała Podlaska competed in the competition that took place last weekend. He became the 3rd Runner-Up! Happy!
  • The Marshal’s Office has finally released official information about the election of the director of the Provincial Specialist Hospital in Biała Podlaska. For the next 6 years, Artur Kozioł will become the director of this institution from March.
  • This is another highlight of this year’s 100th anniversary of Podlaska Wytwórnia Planów in Biała Podlaska – an exhibition presenting photos, documents and the unique history of PWS. Until the end of August, it can be seen by anyone who visits the Biała magistrate.
  • Residents of Swory and surrounding towns have heard about the planned liquidation of the Cooperative Bank branch in Swory. Most of them are against, therefore, petition signature collection has started and two meetings have been held on this issue.
  • Pastor Zbigniew Hackiewicz is 62 years old and has spent more than half of his life as a priest. For 35 years he served mainly in the deanery of the Diocese of Siedlce. Most of these years, however, he served at the parish in Mszanna.
  • The Janów Herb Festival is slowly becoming a tradition in the Janów Podlaski commune. And this year, connoisseurs of herbs and herbaceous plants can get ready for a grand gathering in the setting of the Bug River. There will be lectures and workshops with local herbs as the main characters. Word of Podlasie is the event’s media patron.
  • Tenderness, sensitivity, intimacy, but also pain and suffering emanate from prof. Stanisław Baj. The pictures show his mother and were made during her illness. The painter, sitting by his agonizing mother’s bed, tries to document the last moments of his life. The works can be seen at the Józef Ignacy Kraszewski Museum in Romanów until 20 August.
  • Sławomir Denicki from Małaszewicz Duże collected nameplates for freight cars and locomotives, as well as other engines that moved on rails. He collected collections for several dozen years. He knew the history of every tablet. Some of them are from before World War I, some from Czech, others from Germany and America.

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