The NFF has received a message from concerned minority youth: – We do not criticize Qatar

The OneLove campaign of the seven European countries that qualified for the World Cup has made headlines around the world. The International Football Association (FIFA) stepped in and refused to let them use a separate captain’s armband with rainbow colors because it violated FIFA’s own rules.

To NTB, Klaveness repeated the “stupid” statement made by FIFA.

– These are universal values ​​that lie in the human rights principles that have been defined by FIFA. You must not experience discrimination on the grounds of ethnic origin or sexual orientation. Everything has to be accepted in football. That is neither more nor less than the aim of this campaign, Klaveness told NTB.

– That’s stupid and petty. We have to be careful not to be seen as being played by FIFA. That we want to push Western values ​​and start a kind of culture war around controversial valueshe said further.

Klaveness football president and general secretary Karl Petter Løken met the press on Friday to talk about their four-day trip to Qatar during the soccer World Cup.

Going forward, he and his colleagues will spend some time discussing how the dialogue with FIFA will be handled further.


He stated that the NFF had received several messages from minority youth in Norway who perceived that there was “resistance to the Middle East”.

– That’s not the case. It’s about a country that a lot of people haven’t heard of before they won the championship. I think there will be a similar reaction if Norway gets it and buys itClaveness said.

The NFF says the association has tried to answer all questions as best it can.

– We have to help ensure that we are not polarized anymore. Our job is to enter. Of course, the football movement must be welcomed by Muslims, Christians and anyone who wants to join.

Not criticizing Qatar

– We are not criticizing Qatar, but we are trying to influence FIFA, of which we are a member. We have no opinion about Qatar as a country, but Qatar has no infrastructure and no labor law can sustain such increased construction work, said the president of football.

– It (Qatar) is the size of Bergen. Not having a football culture creates another major risk factor. You don’t have a women’s team, you don’t have the grassroots that can deliver the legacy that World Cup football will give you. It’s not about that. When we get asked that question, we have to listen to it when it is considered as suchClaveness explained.

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