The opposition is so ridiculous

Is there a limit to the ridiculousness of prominent opposition politicians? Donald Tusk or Rafał Trzaskowski’s conversation with US President Joe Biden, excited by journalists who support them and the politicians themselves (eg Radosław Sikorski), lasts only a few tens of seconds. The witnesses to this conversation, willingly sharing their observations about TT, have no doubts about this. Rafał Trzaskowski’s report on the meeting with the US president lasted longer than the meeting should have taken place. If such an opposition does not exist, PiS will have to create one.

But what is left for the opposition? There is no doubt that this historic visit and speech, flying Polish, American and Ukrainian flags, will be a key theme of the campaign. Maybe different from Radosław Sikorski’s chat with Lavrov on the balcony or Donald Tusk’s trip with President Putin on the Sopot pier. Safety is one of the most important topics for Poles and can be a driving force of the campaign. Who knows, it could even bring United Right a third term.

What Polish opposition politicians are trying to downplay is clearly visible to the world media, which have no doubt that the US president chose Warsaw as the venue for his visit. There were also comments about Poland’s growing importance on the international scene.

Biden’s visit to Poland has a special dimension

— notes the Dutch daily De Volkskrant. The newspapers noted that never before had an American president visited Warsaw twice a year.

Poland is a key US ally in supporting Ukraine militarily, economically and humanitarian

we read.

The French daily Le Figaro reported that one of the targets was Warsaw

creating a dynamic region in Eastern Europe capable of applying a less naïve security approach than Berlin and Paris to Moscow.

The Dutch NOS portal informs that Poland is today

one of the great emerging powers in Europe.

A visit to the eastern wing of NATO shows that the US president is paying attention to the changing balance of power in the EU. On the way to Poland, it only flew over Paris and Berlin. (…) Today, Poland is one of the most important allies for the US

— reports the Welt daily portal in the context of Joe Biden’s visit to Warsaw.

Radosław Sikorski, who even in 2018, in an interview for the Hungarian portal Valasz Online, did not back down from his words expressed in 2014 by the media:

I was right about the PiS giving blowjobs to Americans. They are happy, even though their relations with Germany and Russia have been damaged

Today we can see who was right and how much a strong alliance with the US means to Poland’s east wing and to NATO. However, I am sure that for campaign purposes, PO politicians will do everything to reduce the importance of this alliance, Poland’s foreign policy, its support for Ukraine and the change in the balance of power in the EU. Because it doesn’t matter to them the reasons of the state. They just want PiS removed from power. What for? Even they themselves can not say it.


So much for the great announcement! Tusk and Trzaskowski’s meeting with President Biden? They last… about 30 seconds

— Tusk’s “Meet” with Biden. Comment wave. “I think it was so brief that the White House didn’t notice”; “However, in the US they remember the reset”

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