The pandemic has shown how many nurses are missing. A new study will help

According to Health Minister Vlastimil Válka (TOP 09), about 2,500 nurses are missing in the Czech Republic. There are now about 80,000 full-time equivalents.

“Nurses and paramedics in general will never have enough, they will always be missing. Medicine is moving and becoming more and more demanding. Nurses and non-medical staff are generally absent. But I would like to do a more accurate analysis with the Institute for Health Information and Statistics. Are for example 2,500 nurses missing, of which there are working for them, because it is terrible,” explained the minister.

At the same time, he promised that his department would focus more on the area and financially support the education of nurses, as was the case before for general practitioners. He would also like to discuss specific support for non-medical disciplines with the Association of University Deans.

“I want the results of the debate to be closed. To strengthen the non-medical field in terms of funding, we will do it within two years. So that by 2024 it will be possible to accept more students for entrance exams,” added Válek. According to him, raising salaries alone will not will resolve the situation.” This is also a matter of working conditions. This is a matter of competence. It is an endless journey, but we need to work on it,” he said.

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Currently, it is necessary to pass for the General Nursing field three-year bachelor’s degree program in college or three year study at the Vocational College, where its graduates earn a graduate specialist degree.

According to Minister Válka, the current form of general nursing education in universities and colleges has the support of the majority of the professional community. After high school medical school without further study, graduates can work as practical nurses with lower competencies.

During the individual wave of the pandemic, there is a growing concern that there will be a mass exodus of staff from hospitals due to a larger attack. According to War, this is not happening on a larger scale. However, people are leaving health care on an individual basis.

“Of course they left and of course they were stressed. The burden and complexity was terrible for these people. And it still is. We need to give them perspective and thank them. But I also say what will happen next. Health is stable and quality. Convince them not to leave. That’s why I want to find a way to have long-term security and can look forward to working, “added the Minister of Finance.

For example, the General University Hospital in Prague used to be short of about 200 nurses, but now, according to director David Feltl, the situation is improving slightly. “But it’s still not ideal,” he added.

“Currently we are looking for around 70 general nurses. Of these, 50 are for standard inpatient stations, such as internal medicine and surgery, but also geriatric care,” said Dita Svobodová, VFN deputy for non-medical health professions.

New study program

One way to improve the situation was presented Thursday by the 1st Faculty of Medicine of Charles University. This opens up a new field of study in General Nursing for future general nurses. The three-year study is to prepare qualified nurses with a bachelor’s degree for practice. This program will complement other existing fields of study, such as addiction, physiotherapy or midwifery.

According to Deputy Dean I of the Charles University School of Medicine and doctorate of III. The internal clinic of Lukáš Zlatohlávek of the General Hospital graduated from VHN completed 4701 teaching hours. “Of these, 2,380 are theoretical classes and 2,321 are practical classes,” explained the doctor.

It is possible to apply for the June admission procedure in biology now, no later than April 30, 2022. “Applicants from grammar schools, secondary medical schools, but also from other secondary schools with a high school diploma can apply to study,” added doctor and deputy dean Zlatohlávek.

The school plans to accept 30 applicants for full-time study. Distance learning could be available in the future.

“In addition to compulsory education and internships, we participate in interactive and individual practical training so that students can also see special fields and places. We will try to make them part of the medical team during our studies,” added Dita Svobodová.

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