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An inconspicuous chapel not far below the Kluk hill that towers over Křemží hides an extraordinary tale. It began to be written a hundred years ago, when Matěj Troup built it on the site of a smaller chapel. It was then that his five sons returned from the First World War, which he considered a special gift from God. A chapel was built in 1922 in honor of this miracle, where not only the Troup family has met for a hundred years. Always on the second Sunday in September.

“According to our family tree, Matěj Troup was my great-grandfather. He and his wife had ten children, two of whom died very young. Eight children remained, two girls and six boys. Five sons later played an important role in the completion of the chapel the.” the story of the Chapel of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary begins Jan Trap, a descendant of Matěj Troup, who built the chapel. As we see in its present form, it was created in two periods. A small portion of the chapel in 1877 and most of it twenty-five years later. According to legend, the Virgin Mary appeared at this exact spot, and the pimps grazing there began lashing their whips to make the apparitions disappear. There used to be only a memorial stone in the same place, where the hand, knee, the tips of two fingers and a staff were stamped. This stone is still embedded under the altar in the chapel.

“In 1922 my father built a bigger chapel as a thank you that we all returned safely from the World War. I broke stone in our quarry when necessary, my father helped me, we also hauled sand there from the quarry with oxen above two stories. At first, people promised us that they would help us while I was building, and then no one came forward. His father put all the burden on him. About four thousand crowns. And 500 crowns for the repair of the altar statue and cross. ” shows an entry from the memorial book of the family of Jan Trapl, who was also the representative in the village of Vrábče for 32 years. The family book was written from 1928 to 1956 by his grandfather Group Vit. One of five boys who returned from the First World War. However, it was originally said that six of them went to war.

September tradition

Since then, the chapel that rises below the level of the forest path has become a place of pilgrimage, where not only the Troup family gathers every second Sunday in September. “How was our meeting? He was different in my childhood and youth than he is now. Mass was already said in the morning, then followed by a festive lunch for the invitees, both from the Troup and Trapl families. Then there was discussion, mostly about living in village, raise some livestock. Sometimes we take a tour of the barn, or also the orchard, which is part of, today we say, the farm.” remembers Matěj Troup’s great-grandson and adds how gatherings at the family pilgrimage site have changed. “Today is a little different. Mass is at half past three in the afternoon. Invited relatives come to us beforehand, then they go to the chapel together or in groups. A well-known priest from České Budějovice from the Salesians celebrates mass here. He has been coming to us for more than ten years and I believe he is very popular among the faithful.”

90 to 100 pilgrims gather in the chapel on the second Sunday in September. Relatives number less than half, the rest being visitors from nearby villages, Budějovice, Křemže and the like. “About four thirty, we returned from the chapel to our house again, and in the relatively large courtyard we had been setting up a shelter connected since the early morning. A small snack was served. We parted ways between six and seven in the evening,” added Jan Trapl.

Celebrating one hundred years since its completion

However, according to him, last year’s gathering was different mainly because of the celebration of the centenary of the chapel’s completion. “Together with my brother Jiří, we decided to invite all of the surviving descendants of the Troup family to the celebration. My wife and I invited relatives and cousins ​​Zdeněk Troup and Vojtěch Troup. Many phone calls, emails and personal invitations followed. We created personal invitations that I sent to everyone whose email addresses we gradually obtained. We are truly a big family. I sent invitations not only in the Czech Republic, but also to Slovakia, Germany, Ireland and the United States. The farthest guests who attending the celebration is from Ireland.” describing last year’s meeting. In total, according to him, last year’s meeting was attended by 150 to 170 people.

The Trapl family pilgrimage site has also been plagued by uninvited guests who have visited the chapel in remote locations several times. In 2003, after a failed robbery attempt, when someone damaged the roof, the chapel was rebuilt. Mainly the roof and facade including painting, and minor repairs done inside. “At the same time, the dividing wall was partially dismantled. He was in charge of the repairs and all expenses were borne by his brother.” added Jan Trapl.

Eleven years later, a thief visited the chapel again. It was then that the Stations of the Cross and the main altar disappeared, which were found in 2021 and returned to their owners. “Now he goes to the chapel only during the pilgrimage in September,” conclude. Since last year, the chapel has also been decorated with a commemorative plaque, which Zdeněk and Vojtěch Troup made and repaired at their own expense.

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