The Polish Foundation wants to educate Germans about the crimes of their ancestors. He runs a financial fundraiser

The “Łączy Nas Polska” Foundation wants to expand German knowledge about Nazi crimes in Poland. For this purpose, the initiative “Educate Germany #Akcja Wola” was created. The first step was to provide translations of “The Carnage of Wola” to German schools. Crime Unsettled” by historian and journalist Piotr Gursztyn.

The “Łączy nas Polska” foundation is in charge of the campaign. – We will send the book “The Carnage of Wola” to German schools. Unsolved Crimes” by Piotr Gursztyn. We wanted them to be sent to an educational institution in Schleswig-Holstein from the start. There, in the town of Westerland on the island of Sylt, Heinz Reinefarth, Wola’s executioner, lived after World War II. Our first goal was for the German people, who knew Reienefarth as mayor of Westerland and a sympathetic lawyer, to find out who he really was: a killer of Polish women and children. If successful, we will continue to send the “Wola Massacre” in German to schools and libraries throughout Germany. German teachers, students, their parents and grandparents should read it. We will do everything to make it happen and that our actions will spark widespread discussion in Germany about the Warsaw Holocaust and the suffering of the Polish people, said Natalia Nitek-Płażyńska of the aforementioned foundation.

“The Wola Murder. Crime Unsettled” is a reliable, comprehensive, and at the same time presented in an accessible way, study of the crimes against the civilian population of Warsaw in the first days of the Warsaw Uprising.


Nitek-Płażyńska claims that young Germans do not know about the crimes committed by their compatriots. “They don’t know because of Germany’s historical policy of shifting responsibility to non-national ‘Nazis’ and willfully ignoring the occupation of our country. Real proof of the systemic nature of suppression of German social responsibility for the extraordinary crimes committed by this nation in Poland are the local school textbooks. Finding information about the scale of the terror used against Poland by the German occupiers was practically impossible, he said.

Representatives of the foundation emphasized that talking about history is a necessity. “The story isn’t over. Past events continue today and will have consequences in the future. There can be no reconciliation without reparations. And this will not happen without the truth – he shows.


The “Łączy nas Polska” Foundation does not use any form of support from the state or public institutions. Meanwhile, he needed around PLN 100,000 to buy a suitable number of copies of the German edition of “Rzezi Wola” and send them to German schools. You can support the initiative >>> HERE.

The Wola Massacre was the largest single crime against civilians in Europe during World War II. According to various sources, on 5-7 August 1944, the Germans massacred 30,000 to 60,000 residents of the Wola district of Warsaw. Men in their prime, old people, women and children were shot.

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