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The eater, who has a record associated with the consumption of worms, tatras, and pizza, set a pound and a half of pork brain in Brno. According to Jaroslav Němec, unlike the smelliest food in the world, which he has tasted, the cerebellum is a delicacy. So that the food is not boring, the worms taste it.

Jaroslav Nemec known as Maxijedlík, who is the only one in the world who managed to eat the world’s smelliest food, he overcame another challenge yesterday in Brno. He cooked forty pork brains in five minutes and tasted one raw pork at the end.

In addition, the German sprinkled the prepared steamed brains with dried chili worms before the show. “I’ll add it to make it crunchy and grin,” the forty-eight-year-old explained harshly, adding that he liked the worms. After all, it also belongs to his records, in half an hour he swallowed more than nine thousand of them.

The eater set up twelve plates with pork brains, a pint of raspberries to drink, and a spoon he hadn’t used at all on the table. All you have to do is turn on the stopwatch and the German begins his other challenge. One after another, the first brain fell into each other’s hands, but about halfway through, eating started to cause trouble for him.

In the end, Maxijedlík managed to eat 1.6 kilograms of pig brain in five minutes and can be proud of another record. “I love it. The brain is amazing both in taste and consistency.” after his performance, he praised the chef from the dining room in Cejl, Brno.

World record holder

Jaroslav Němec holds the world record. He was the only one who managed to eat a whole can of surströmming fish in seventy-seven seconds, which is the smelliest food in the world. The fish is also part of the Brno triathlon, in which eaters also prepare an Icelandic dish of shark meat, hakarl and durian, which according to the Guinness Book of Records is the world’s smelliest fruit. He will durian again this Sunday.

The eater also ate three kilograms of mini bananas or more than one kilogram of toast in five minutes. He also competes in eating donuts, noodles with poppy seeds, tatras, jitrnice, sausage, pizza or steak. In the fall, he was supposed to follow the hot dog call in Las Vegas, USA, but ended up not doing so because of the coronavirus.

The man who eats everything

In its first competition, the natives of Bystrý u Poličky eat plum dumplings. Since then, he has participated in touring competitions at home and abroad. “I don’t like regular food. I like adrenaline and extremes,” said the German, who was trained as a chef. He has competed in eating for seventeen years, and although he claims to dream of everything, in his daily life Jaroslav Němec maintains a healthy diet and exercise.

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