The reporter looked at Müller’s slide. “Mr Editor, I will reveal something” – Wprost

A press conference by the government spokesman, Piotr Müller, was held on Thursday at the Chancellor of the Prime Minister. It raised issues like politician salary increasethe fourteenth pension pension, the minimum wage and the return of medical workers to work in Poland.

After the presentation, it was time for questions from journalists. The reporter for TVP Info asked the spokesperson to refer to the words of Donald Tusk, who compares the possible rise of a politician with one that teachers can rely on.

Müller presents a slide detailing salaries for the Civic Platform rules. He appealed to the PO leadership to let this happen “He praised his earnings and said what money he received after he ceased to be president of the Council of Europe”.

“Random” shift? Spokesman explained

“What a coincidence. Government Spokesperson Conference, first question from TVP Info about Donald Tusk. Okay – usual. WITH CASE a complete set of slides in hand to answer. It’s as if you know what TVP is about to ask. You can’t see it on TV “ – TOK.FM reporter Szymon Kępka points out.


Peter Mueller hastily answered. “Mr Editor, I have something to say. At each conference, we have prepared from several dozen or even a hundred slides on various current topics. From statistics to government programs” – wrote a government spokesman.

“And from here, at the conference, my colleagues from the Government Information Center changed it, depending on the question” – he added and attached a photo.

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