The Russian invasion may be the start of World War III

Renowned financier and philanthropist George Soros said Tuesday at the World Economic Forum in Davos that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine could be the start of World War III, and that the best way to save civilization is to defeat Vladimir Putin.

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The best and probably the only way to save civilization is to defeat Putin as quickly as possible

Soros emphasized.

He predicted that the Russian leadership had concluded that the invasion was a mistake and would seek a ceasefire.

But a truce cannot be reached because it cannot be trusted (…). The weaker Putin is, the more unpredictable he is

– she says.

Gas supply interruption

The EU must understand that Putin can cut gas supplies to the Community “when it really hurts”

He warned.

Soros sees the war in Ukraine as part of a larger struggle between an open society and a closed state like Russia or China, Reuters reports.

Repressive regimes are now on the rise and open society is under attack (…). Currently, China and Russia are the biggest threats to open society

Soros said.

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