The Temelín information center will glow blue. Thus, energetic will join the support of people affected by autism | CEZ Group

A total of 20 blue LED lights will illuminate the Temelín Power Generation Information Center from Saturday to Sunday night. In this way, energy workers express their support for people affected by autism. In the Czech Republic alone, the disorder affects around 200,000 people. And this Saturday, April 2, is World Autism Awareness Day.

“We have been dedicated to supporting organizations that help people with autism spectrum disorder for a long time. Users can find projects focused on this area in the EPP app not only in April, which is traditionally dedicated to the topic of autism, but basically throughout the year. Movement naturally breaks down barriers and brings people together, which is why EPPka is a great tool for informing the widest possible public about autism issues.”

Through the use of the EPP – Help by moving application, the community can be involved in helping certain organizations that care for people with autism. In the last few days, the ČEZ Foundation has brought assistance to LÍP A SPOLU from Českolipsk, Family Integration Center from Pardubice, FOR HELP – Autism from Ostrava and ATYP Prague Foundation into the application. Once they receive the required number of points from the public, the Energy Foundation will pay the organization a total of nearly half a million crowns.

In addition to the two nuclear power plants, the ČEZ Group will power another six buildings in other parts of the country.

According to a recent survey, autism spectrum disorders affect around 2.7 percent of the population, and around 200,000 people live in the Czech Republic with some form of autism. It is a lifelong handicap in the areas of perception, imagination and social communication. In 70% it is a combined disability. With adequate support, people with ASD can live full lives and enrich society with their unique and original perceptions of the world.

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