“The Third World War has begun. Germany has long been a party to the conflict”

Melnyk determined German Chancellor’s Policy as “lazy”. According to him, many Germans want an energetic head of the federal government.

“Ukraine needs German weapons”

The diplomat emphasized that Ukraine needs the latest German weaponsto beat Russia, incl. Leopard tank, Marder armored personnel carrier and self-propelled howitzer.

“Germany has long been a party to the conflict”

He thought it was bullshit to fear that it was because of the supply of weapons German be a party to the conflict. For Putin, Germany has long been a party to the conflict said Melnyk.

“The third world war has begun”

Third war world has begun. Putin’s attack on Ukraine affects everyone, including Germans, even if not in the military. Putin is waging this devastating war against the whole West, against our value system – stressed the Ukrainian ambassador.

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