The United Nations warns the world about the food crisis: – There will be chaos all over the world

Therefore, he encouraged donors, especially Gulf countries and billionaires, to give some of their profits to address the problem of fertilizer supply, and prevent widespread food shortages next year.

– Otherwise, there will be worldwide chaos, Beasley said in an interview with the AP on Friday.

The head of the WFP pointed out that when he took over as chairman nearly six years ago, 80 million people worldwide were threatened with hunger and food insecurity. Climate issues have increased the number to 135 million, and with the coronavirus pandemic the number has doubled to 276 million in two years.

Keep track of an unprecedented crisis

That was before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February caused widespread food, fertilizer and energy crises, pushing the figure to 345 million. Beasley believes the world community must act immediately.

– 50 million people in 45 countries are at risk of hunger. If we don’t help these people now, we will experience hunger, starvation and a country’s destabilization that we have never seen before. Worse than the financial crises of 2007 and 2008 and the Arab Spring of 2011. We must act now, was the clear message from the head of the WFP.

At the same time, Beasley is concerned that fears of a world economic recession and a tense security situation are keeping countries from providing enough humanitarian assistance.

50 percent of food can be wasted

According to the head of the WFP, the world currently produces enough food for 7.7 billion people, but 50 percent of the food comes from farmers who use fertilizers.

– China, the world’s leading producer of fertilizers, has banned exports, while Russia, which is in second place, is struggling to bring it to world markets due to sanctions and war in Ukraine. “It’s a perfect storm above all other perfect storms,” ​​he said.

Beasley pointed out that agriculture in Asia and Africa lacked fertilizer and was therefore in a critical state.

He this week met and spoke with world leaders in connection with the UN high-level week in New York. UN Secretary-General António Guterres warns that conflict and humanitarian crises are spreading, and the funding gap for the UN’s humanitarian efforts is 32 billion dollars – the largest gap ever.

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