The whale took the sightseeing boat and carried it on his back

The incident occurred last Tuesday in the waters of the Pacific Ocean in the Mexican state of Baja California Sur. The footage shows the whale sailing directly under the ship, which it carries carefully on its back.

“Oh my God, he kidnapped us! He took us on a journey,” screams one of the crew members, Lory Barra from California, in the joy video.

“He had a lot of fun with us. He lifted us lightly twice and carried us on his back. I have done similar trips several times and this has never happened,” Barra told the Daily Mail.

Limestone is a medium-sized cetacean of the suborder Skeleton, which reaches a length of 12 to 15 meters and weighs up to 40 tons.

“It was twice the size of our ship and weighed about 30 tonnes,” Barra said of the whales who spent two hours on board.

The Gray Whale is known for its curious and friendly nature. Last month, one of the cetaceans in Mexico approached the boat so close that tourists could touch it and even smell it.

“When interacting with whales, it’s important to respect them in their natural habitat. Whale boating can be stressful in many places around the world. However, in the friendly (and highly regulated) coastal community of Baja California Sur, whales seek interaction and enjoyed it,” said Sea Kayak Adventures, one of the companies that organizes on-site whale cruises.

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