The world bends. Kvitova broke the milestone and followed the Williams sisters

Petra Kvitová had a successful return to the elite this season. After an unexpected victory in the March tournament in Miami, he returned his name to the world’s top ten again after a year and a half. Since then, she has never given up and has passed important milestones in her career.

In recent days, the world’s tennis media has once again turned its attention to Petra Kvitová’s extraordinary career. Although the two-time Wimbledon champion barely made it to the world number one spot in that time, his consistency at the absolute top led to other successes.

For example, the boundaries she crossed this week: the Czech has spent her 400th week in the top ten of the WTA rankings.

“She is only the second active tennis player to reach this figure. The first was Venus Williams,” reported’s John Berkok.

Some sources also include her sister Serena on the “chosen ones” list. He still hasn’t officially ended his career, though he likely won’t return to the tennis court. Especially after the recent announcement of her second pregnancy.

Serena spent an incredible 873 total weeks in the top ten between 1999 and 2021, second Venus having 636 weeks.

Among active players, Simona Halep from Romania is approaching the miraculous “four hundred”. He is six weeks away from that one, but currently the two-time Grand Slam winner is suspended due to a positive doping test from last year’s US Open.

Kvitová spent 27 out of 400 weeks to the max – the world number two position. The second is fifteen weeks from October 2011 to February 2012, five weeks in the 2015 season and seven weeks in 2019.

When he won one of the most valuable titles of his career in Florida in March, his move back into the Top 10 took the 33-year-old by surprise.

“They told me before the final that I would be back there if I won. I admit it shocked me when I heard about it. I haven’t been there in a long time. It’s another bonus to a trophy, but I haven’t done it yet.” Haven’t looked at the leaderboard in a while. The numbers will change again and one day they won’t exist at all. But it’s good,” said Kvitová.

With her ninth title in the WTA 1000 category, the Fulnek native equaled Romanian Simona Halepova. Only two women have more, Belarusian ten Viktoria Azarenkova and thirteen Serena Williams.

After the win, which she achieved as the second oldest player in history right after Serena, she made her way to the elite ten in a different but no less telling category: career earnings.

For Miami, the Czech received $1.26 million and in total she earned $36 million in prize money. She thus moved to tenth place in the historical table regardless of gender, two million behind Russia’s Maria Sharapova.

“Petra Kvitová may not have won much these days but she is nevertheless one of the great legends of the sport. The career earnings sequence will serve only as an illustration,” wrote the server Tennis Up to Date.

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