The world’s most influential internet invests in Czech start-ups. According to him, they have a bright future

EEuropean internet regulations may be inconvenient for users, warns Robert Kyncl, led by YouTube. For example Google. “It’s time to make sure that the new rules don’t have unintended consequences that would make platforms like YouTube less secure for me,” Kyncl’s YouTube business team said in an interview with HN.

HN: How do you start sptm youtuber and make millions there? Is there a recipe for it?

Consistency. spn maker on YouTube uploads content regularly. The people who follow them have been able to create a habit, the content they expect to reach you every Thursday afternoon. I need to know and understand my audience in detail. And I have to really like what you do, and be a good marketer. But the key is consistency and tracking statistics regarding the breeding of a particular audience.

HN: Do you have a specific example?

People who have channels on YouTube have turned to statistics and found that every time they finish their meal, sit down and eat their food and talk about it, the viewer count drops sharply. People are only interested in the vaen itself, and not in how the cars talk about it. What are they doing? Five of your videos have already started telling you about this particular thing, as you might think. And only then do they wake up and start cooking. Thanks to that, they increase the time people watch their videos. This is an example of having to track and work with statistics.

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