The world’s tallest woman enjoys living “on top” despite her health problems

Rumeysa Gelgi is currently the tallest woman in the world.
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Rumey’s bones are growing more than normal for anyone else. He suffers from a rare disease which makes him very tall. “Being the tallest woman in the world is great. But it also has downsides. Even though I hold many world records, my wheelchair is still my best friend because without it I wouldn’t be able to function in terms of pain. Still, I’m not complaining. Lucky I could even be in this world,” said the woman.

He considers his extreme height to be a blessing. Wherever he went, he immediately became the center of attention. People approached him several times a day to ask if he wanted to take pictures with them and tell them what life was like “up there”.

“Actually, it’s great. Imagine going to a concert or a movie. I see it everywhere. I don’t think the people behind me are happy,” he continued with a laugh Daily Star. He is not at all lacking in optimism. Since childhood, he has been operated on many times for health problems, and he will likely undergo many more surgeries in the future.

“It has to be taken into account. I have Weaver’s SyndromeDoc, so my bones are still growing. Maybe then I will hit the top shelf and surpass the record for the tallest woman in the world,” she added with a smile. The tallest woman recorded in human history is Chinese woman Yao Te-fen, who measures 233 centimeters and is listed in the Guinness Book of Records.

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