Our representatives lost to tight overall winners from Japan as well as excellent young chefs from Greece and France. “The jury appreciated our technical excellence, the perfect cooperation of the pair, well-prepared recipes and procedures for both salty and sweet, when they had to use trout, buckwheat flour, pink mushrooms and champagne as mandatory ingredients. Feedback from board members the jury, made up of fifteen world-class chefs and confectioners, was of great use to the students, but great joy and surprise came at the end of the awards ceremony when two-star chef Philippe Mille offered an internship or job to students at the Brod. restaurant at the Domaine Les Crayères Hotel. in Reims, thus appreciating their hard work,” said President Jan Skála on behalf of the Secretariat.

Opening of dormitories for imprisoned women in Světlá nad Sázavou

They opened a unique hostel for female prisoners in Světlá. see

For the first time, the international round of this competition also took place at the service, which was attended by three teams. And one of the three teams is also hotel student Brod Veronika Kouparová. The competition was won by a student from Austria, who beat our representatives from France and Veronica. “Students have to deal with disciplines such as correct board formation, interaction of wine (champagne) with food and its presentation, introduction and serving of cheese, trout tracing and passing knowledge tests. The friendly relationship between the representatives of Vysočina and chef Philipp Mill is also confirmed by the fact that our team also came up with its own kitchen. Other teams, mainly Austria and Poland, later showed great interest in the long-term nature of sharing experiences and working with the hotel school Vysočina, “Skála finally brings positive news.

The next national round of the competition will be hosted by Jihlava again. He will be cooking here on November 5 this year.