The young man ruthlessly evaluates his date in a text message, but sends a message to the wrong number

There are many videos circulating on social networks that create the impression that dating may become increasingly difficult. Unfortunately, the video shared by a girl named Meag is no exception.

A young blonde who is without a doubt the ideal of all men, he read something about himself that hurt him beyond belief. She was supposed to meet a young man she met on an online dating site. But the meeting never took place.

In the video, he shares a part of their conversation where they agreed on exactly where to meet. “Let’s just meet here,” suggested Meag in a joint conversation.

“Okay, there, I get it. I guess I have to prove that I don’t want to kill you,” the young man responded to the message strangely.

But that’s not the worst part. In the end, he got the wrong number and sent the girl a photo of herself with a caption that was most likely meant for one of her friends. Underneath his face was written: “It’s my date tomorrow, don’t laugh. He’s kind and funny, but a bit blah.’

Followers on social networks could not believe that someone would describe the beautiful blonde in such a way, and the space under the video began to fill with surprised comments.

“You look so good in that photo, I don’t understand!” appears below the post.

“I’m really confused. I think he’s just objectively attractive.” wrote one follower.

“Can someone explain this to me? Why did he write that his friends shouldn’t laugh? Why would anyone laugh at that, she’s beautiful,” one of the users commented on the young man’s comment.

Several people who watched the video later asked Meag if the young man was somehow trying to get out of the precarious situation, or if he understood that it might not work anymore. The author of the video wrote back to them that the next day he simply wrote that he would not go on a date with her, the young man did not reply.

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